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what Dirkson said.
What's his position
on releasing these photographs?
The same as mine and Gerry's.
We feel that the facts
have to be made public.
Now, if you want, I'll tell them it was
an unauthorized experiment.
No way, Roy. I got you into this.
That wouldn't be right.
I think we have to bring
Sheriff Cody into this now.
We'll go out to the mine
in the morning...
...check, make sure
we got rid of all of them.
We'll take Sheriff Cody with us.
- I'll get in touch with him now.
- Fine.
Well, honey, when this story breaks,
we'll have newspapermen from all over.
You and Amanda ought to go someplace
where they won't hound you to death.
You're right.
Amanda's been through enough.
Suppose we drive up to Woodale
and stay at the lodge...
...and you join us as soon as you can.
Good. Good idea.
I love you very much.
And if we have to...
...I'll even be happy to go
and work with you in...
- Timbuktu.
Get Jackie up and get him dressed
into something warm.
And you too, all right?
Let's hurry.
Easy. Easy, now.
What's going on?
Whoa, boy. Easy, easy.
Better watch out there, Frank.
Jud, take it easy.
Jud. Hey, Jud.
You ain't gonna stop him, Mr. Hillman.
Not after what happened today.
You and Jack should
get in that cellar and stay there.
Frank, don't lock me out.
I'm gonna make a phone call.
Now, listen closely.
- Mildred?
- Mr. Hillman?
Sounds like a cattle stampede.
Every line north of Cole Hillman's house
just went off.
Well, lightning got it maybe.
- He was mighty agitated.
- That's 115 games for you, 110 for me.
We were cut right off.
You wanna take a run up
Hillman's way?
No, not at this hour.
I'm gonna get the truck turned in,
get home and get some sleep.
- When does Connie spell you?
- About midnight.
Well, I'll see you up at the house.
Hey, Les. Wait up.
Come on, I'm not gonna wait.
Drop me off up at the house, will you?
Good night, Les.
- See you in a little bit.
- All right.
- Okay. Good night, Les. Thanks a lot.
- All right. Good night. See you tomorrow.
- Find him?
- Yeah, I found him.
What was left of him.
Well, the horses won't be back
for a week. Spooked too bad.
Why don't you stay with Dorothy
and Jackie while I hike into town.
All right.
Don't worry. We'll be in before dark.
You call me about 6:00 from Woodale.
I'll either be here
or over at Sheriff Cody's.
- Okay.
- Bye, Daddy.
Bye, honey.
I'll see you, sweetie.
See you later.
- See you later.
- Okay.
Where is Sheriff Cody?
Just got back
from the crime lab in Phoenix.
He'll meet us at the airport.
Sheriff, we have something
horrible to tell you.
Your frantic call wouldn't have
anything to do with rabbits?
How did you know?
They tell me that's what killed
Captain Billy and that driver.
Rabbits with teeth that long.
Crime lab's been double-checking
their tests all morning.
We'll tell you about it on the way, sheriff.
- You sure we shouldn't stop?
- I'm picking up no strangers, Susan.
I said that when we left Denver and
I'm sticking with it.
Especially a man carrying a gun.
- Mom, can we stop soon?
- Yeah, Mom, can't we?
Howard, could we stop at that town
up there? The children are thirsty.
You won't find
anything in that store, Susan.
This is what they call
a ghost town out here.
Daddy would've liked our picnic, Mommy,
don't you think?
Yes, sweetheart, I do.
I'm hoping he'll be able
to join us by tomorrow.
How much farther to Woodale?
Well, there's the turnoff
right up ahead.
What was that?
I almost scraped the bottom of the car.
Daddy wouldn't like that.
What are we gonna do, Mommy?
Don't you worry, sweetheart.
We'll be all right.
Evidently, some survived and got out.
They've gone.
Must be holed up somewhere else.
But where?
How many?
It gets dark at 5:30.
That gives us a couple hours to find them
before they start moving again.
Patch me in to my office.

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