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that track
that was trampled all over with.
Well, the only thing we can do...
...is gather our group together, take another
look around that area tomorrow.
Shouldn't we bring Sheriff Cody along?
I don't agree, Gerry.
I don't think so.
Imagine the kind of publicity that would
bring down on the university...
...if it became generally known.
We shouldn't tell anybody
until we know what the score is.
I think you're right.
Honey, you call up Hillman.
Tell him to expect us in the morning.
Have him get ready some poisoned feed,
cyanide, dynamite...
...and anything else he can think of.
- Okay.
Have him get ahold of Jud and Frank.
- They may as well go along tomorrow.
- Okay.
I don't suppose there's a chance...
...that you can bring back
one of those rabbits alive?
More of those tracks we saw
at the water hole.
They certainly weren't made
by human beings.
How far in does it go?
Oh, about two miles due north
of the opening of the tunnel here.
Any other way into it?
Well, there's a vertical shaft at the other
end, but it's been closed up for years.
Elgin, why don't you and Frank
get half the dynamite...
...and take a look up above.
- See if there are any other holes.
- Right.
Jud, you run the hoses for the gas
inside the tunnel...
...and I'll set the charges.
Hello, Gerry. Gerry, Elgin here.
Yes, Elgin. Over.
I'm up on top.
Let me speak to Roy. Over.
Just a minute.
- Yes, Elgin, what did you find?
- There are three holes here.
Look around and make sure
there aren't any others.
Hold on just a second, Roy.
Do you hear that?
We sure do.
Set your dynamite.
We'll let you know
when we're ready down here.
We'll set off the charges
at the same time. Out.
Well, we got our hands full.
We can't plug these up
quick enough for me.
Well, we got three holes to blow.
- You think we got enough dynamite?
- Yeah, we'll make it.
While you're setting up, I'll look around,
see if there are any more.
Let me take this.
Honey, I'm going in there.
- You can't do that.
- I haven't got a choice.
But why? We're gonna
blow it up right now.
Whatever's back in there's a mystery.
If we cave it in, we'll never know.
I'm gonna try to pull
one of them out...
...so I can analyze its blood
and check its cells.
If I can't, at least
I'll take a picture of it.
Wait a minute.
Give me the rifle. Okay, let's go.
Stay on the radio to Elgin
and tell him we're going in there.
Elgin. Come in, Elgin.
That seems to be the lot of them.
- You about ready?
- Yeah.
Just give me a couple more minutes.
Mrs. Bennett called.
Bennett and Hillman
have gone into the mine.
Oh, no.
Hello, Gerry. Come in.
Come in, Gerry.
- This is Elgin.
- Yes. Over.
Look, we've got three holes
about set to dynamite.
Have they come out
of there yet? Over.
No. Not yet. I hope it's soon.
We must be in a half a mile by now.
And they seem
to be moving away from us.
They should be coming out
any minute. Over.
I'll be standing by. Over.
How many tunnels
do you suppose there are?
We should've marked our way,
in case we have to get out in a hurry.
Sounds like they're
right around that corner.
Don't shoot.
The whole place
might come down on us.
They're as big as wolves.
They look just as vicious.
Nobody will believe this.
Could this have been caused by the serum
you injected in that one rabbit?
I'm sure of it. It only takes one.
Probably thousands of them.
Must be their breeding ground.
Let's get the hell out of here.
Left or right?
I got the detonator set.
I'm ready to release the gas
as soon as they come out.
Jud. Jud, now, calm down.
Calm down. He's gone.
The rabbit's gone.
Ma'am, we got to get out of here.
They ain't coming out
of that mine alive.
Oh, yes, they are. Oh, yes.
And we're not going anywhere.
Oh, Roy.
Blow it!
Blow it!
Oh, Roy. Oh, darling. Thank God.
- How in the world was that possible?
- Well, you heard

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