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and Texas.
Florida, Texas and Hawaii.
- Hawaii? I wanted Hawaii.
- When I come back,
I'll take you to dinner.
Your choice.
See? This is the problem
with these things.
Daddy would have gotten us Uzis.
The car didn't know the difference.
So, did you make it with him last night?
- Who?
- The Good Humor Man. Who do you think?
- Jeez. Is that what's bugging you?
- That's no answer, man.
No, I didn't make it with him last night.
Why are you so weirded out?
Oh, right, Reg.
Why should I be weirded out?
My sister, who swiped every guy
I ever had my eye on
has now swiped the last guy
in the whole freaked-out world.
I don't know who you are out there,
but I have a gun.
So if I were you,
I'd split while I had a chance.
Look, kid, just stay away.
We don't want any.
Get out of here, you little freak.
Lucky for you I like kids.
Jeez! There goes the neighborhood.
Audrey, what's the code?
We found survivors.
How long will the blood test take?
Not long.
I've talked with some of the others,
and we've decided
that it would be more beneficial
to conduct the blood tests in the field.
So I want you to go to LA
with the rest of the group.
Whatever the majority wants.
You don't seem to hold
majority rule in very high regard.
If something's wrong, it's wrong.
Majority rule doesn't have anything
to do with it.
But it goes straight
to the core purpose of our group,
which is to survive.
You'll grant me that?
The core purpose never included
bringing outsiders to the facility.
That's about the twelfth can
you've downed this morning.
Yeah, well, what're you gonna do
when your complexion freaks out?
Dermatologist is dead, you know.
I know and I'm getting a rash
or something, too.
Oh, God. You and your rashes.
Hey, I'm sorry if the end of the world
makes me a little nervous.
So, do you like him?
- Come on, Sam.
- I'm just interested.
Yeah, well, I guess so.
I mean, he's nice.
There was this new guy at school.
Paul Morgan.
He transferred from Taft. Junior.
Oh, I don't hang around
with juniors much.
I liked him.
I mean, he was from Taft,
but, he was nice.
Kathy said he was probably
gonna ask me out.
Huh, Kathy.
She was flunking algebra
and she was trying to figure out some way
to keep her parents from finding out.
This is really a lucky break for her.
No wonder I'm breaking out.
Think we could go home and change?
- Why don't we get a little creative?
- What?
- Do you have your a,
do you have your MasterCard on you?
- No.
Good, 'cause you don't need it.
The stores are open!
Hey, Reg, which do you like better?
Second one. Yeah. Definitely.
- How come?
- 'Cause it'll stay in style longer.
- Come on.
- I guess you're right, actually.
Yeah, we got to think
of these things, you know?
Well, let's do it.
- You know, I've been thinking.
- Don't set any dangerous precedents.
What if Hector's got
the same problem we have?
- Such as?
- Such as, no guys.
- What?
- Really.
I mean, what if Hector's gay?
- I'm sure.
- Think it over.
You said he didn't
come on to you last night.
So that means that the last guy on earth
is either a gentleman or a fag.
I mean, what are the odds? In LA?
Things could be very interesting
around here, Regina.
Attention, shoppers.
I trust you've got credit cards
to pay for all that stuff.
What's the matter?
Lost something?
Check with lost and found
on the second floor.
Didn't find this one.
You dirty rat.
Get her, boys!
Well, I think it's time
to take the high ground.
Listen, you guys, we're expecting
some friends here any minute.
Look, you just split now, okay,
and we'll Tell them not to hurt you.
No imagination.
Look, over there.
- Hey!
- Eat glass, creeps!
How did you like that?
You guys are a bunch of wimps!


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