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call, you know.
I didn't take notes or something.
Just try and remember.
If you think I'm not telling you
something on purpose...
Well, if they'll stay put,
we can get them.
...leave anything out?
From a psychological standpoint,
the radio station represents
a link to normalcy.
I don't think they'll wander far
as long as it's operating.
Dr. Carter, I'd just like to say upfront.
I'm opposed to this.
There is no reason for us to bring
those people,
or any other survivors back here.
What about the disintegration factor?
You just want to let that happen?
We don't know that
the condition is progressive.
I think we've established that, Audrey.
Partial protection seems to result
in a slowing of the overall effect,
but progression is steady in any case.
Drying of the body fluids...
Get to the point, Oscar.
We've heard this a thousand times.
Ultimately, there is nothing left
but calcium dust.
Right. So there isn't even enough hope
to warrant bringing anybody back here.
So, what you're saying is,
we shouldn't even try.
We don't want to be caught in the city
after dark. we'll leave tomorrow.
And we've had an indication
of some survivors...
in San Bernardino as well.
Four, maybe five.
Wait a minute.
Wait, girls, just shut up.
Samantha! Did they say
anything else? Anything?
Yeah. They said
be careful on the street.
Because some people were exposed
to the comet a little bit.
What happened to Doris
is happening to them, only slower.
And, like, they're dangerous.
Like what happened to Larry.
You're not going to blame me
because the phone went dead.
I'm not the phone company.
Nobody is the phone company anymore.
Where were you guys earlier?
Oh, shit, my license.
Oh, shit!
I know you guys are probably going
to give me a ticket or something,
but I'm really glad to see...
 ...the weekend comet sale.
Everything must go.
Big savings on tuners, turntables,
car stereos,
also demos of great damaged items.
This weekend only, Henry's
Stereo Warehouse. Fourth and Alameda.
Free coffee for the adults.
Free balloons for the kids.
This is for your step mom,
you little punk.
- Ahh! They're here! They're here!
- Where?
- What's wrong?
- It's okay. I've got her.
- You've got her?
- Yeah, I got her.
Sammy, Sam, it's only a dream.
I know.
I know.
...expand your career
horizons. For a clearer view of...
Is there anything I can do?
I'm fine.
Interstate Technologies
is an equal-opportunity employer.
Looks like the weather is shaping up
for a great weekend.
You know, it's hard to believe that there's
only 11 more shopping days till Christmas.
Good luck finding a parking space within
hitchhiking distance of the malls, too.
You know how jammed it can get.
- Is she okay?
- Yeah, I guess so.
Come on in. Have a seat.
Listen, I have to go
to San Diego tomorrow.
My mom.
- Some friends. My sister.
- But you know they're gone.
I know, but I still have to find out.
I mean, you guys know for sure,
but I don't know.
Did you have, like, a close family?
Yeah, pretty close.
- And you?
- Not anymore.
My real mom hung around until my dad
came back from Vietnam, then she split.
So it's been mostly me and Sam and Dad
and the 3rd special forces.
Smoke Bomb Hill. Fort Bragg.
But then around about
sixth or seventh grade,
it became real obvious
that we weren't boys,
that we were never going to go
to ranger school.
So I guess Dad figured there was
nothing more to offer us.
So he found us a new mom
and went off looking for a war.
What about the em...
The guy. Larry?
Oh, he and I weren't going steady
or anything like that.
- Look, don't go to San Diego, okay?
- I have to.
But I'll be back.
Please, okay?
What will you give me if I come back?
Could give you Florida. Florida
Ночь кометы Ночь кометы

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