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Shut up!
You got the wrong idea.
You, into the light.
I'll give you to five. One, two... No?
All right. Let's try it this way.
Five, four, three...
Okay, okay.
Do you get a lot of dates this way?
Open your eyes.
Hey, I know what you're thinking, but...
- That you're a cretin?
Sweetheart, you haven't seen those
freaked-out zombies running around here?
Yeah, I was jumped by one.
Well, you got off lucky.
Me and this girl pulled into town
this morning.
You don't work here?
No. I drive a truck.
I was heading to San Diego
with this girl I picked up.
We were looking for a gas station.
That's when we spotted one of those...
Whatever they are.
Looked like it was eating...
Looked like it was eating a cat.
A dead cat?
Who'd want to eat a live cat?
Beats the shit out of me.
This girl freaked out.
Took off running.
I spotted her about 20 minutes later.
- Looked like one of those things had...
- What?
Torn her apart.
Oh, God.
- Larry.
- Oh, shit.
What's with her?
I think she's going to be
sick or something.
A guy she knew...
Same thing might have happened.
- Is it safe around here, do you think?
- Yeah.
I checked it out.
Are you all right?
My name's Hector.
- What's yours?
- Just leave me alone, okay?
Look, I... I know we got off
on the wrong foot,
but considering what the alternative is,
I think we should try to get along.
What do you say?
Listen, this is no time
for an attitude problem.
Your little sister seems to be taking this
a lot better than you.
That's 'cause she doesn't know
what's going on.
And you do, I suppose.
Whatever is going on isn't just here.
It's everywhere.
She thinks we're gonna be rescued,
that our dad's gonna come back
from Honduras
with the goddamn Green Berets.
She could be right.
Give us a break, Hector.
Where did you spend the night last night?
I spent the night in the back of my truck
with the girl I picked up.
- What else do you want to know?
- Skip it.
Steel's gotta be the answer.
If Sam spent the night
in the Lawn storage shed...
...again, I'm an employee. I can't.
Just our way of saying
Merry Christmas to you from all of...
Testing, one, two, three, four.
This is Samantha Belmont,
one-third owner of
the Greater Los Angeles Basin, speaking.
You guys?
Hey, is anybody there?
Where did you get this,
a Dime Store?
Beats me. It was given to me.
Yeah, well, it might be all right
for date night in the barrio,
but if we run into any more
of those guys outside,
we're gonna need
a little more stopping power.
Date night in the barrio?
Here are other changes.
And here's some other changes.
Most of you guys had finals this week?
Huh, Later.
They are history. Canceled.
They're history. They're cancelled.
The legal drinking age is now 10.
But, you will need ID. Let's be real.
I'll be taking take requests from all you
teenage comet zombies on the...
Hit line!
That's 555-4487.
Get it? 555-HITS!
Do you know where the armed forces
reserve centre is at Los Alamitos?
My dad used to take us there
for target practice.
They store automatic weapons there.
- You know how to use them?
Come on, Hector.
The MAC-10 submachine gun
was practically designed for housewives.
I got a call!
It came in on the hit line.
- Hello?
It went dead.
- Did they say they were okay?
I don't know.
They said they were in the desert.
- The desert? What desert was it?
- I don't know.
Shit! Think!
Why don't you just pull your gun
on her? Maybe you can scare it out of her!
They said they were, like, part of
a think tank or research group or something.
Where? Was it in this state?
- I forget.
- Okay. Let's take it real slow.
Did they mention a town?
Some place they were near,
like maybe Blythe, Bishop?
- What about Edwards Air Force Base?
- If I knew, I'd tell you.
I didn't expect the
Ночь кометы Ночь кометы

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