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little deductive reasoning.
- Deductive reasoning?
Where would adolescents
with nothing to do go?
See, we worked really hard to
get ahead in this business, girls.
And we don't get shit for it!
But we do it...
because we know we can work
our way up through the system.
And the system works
Why, just a few days ago,
we were only stock boys.
Now we own the store.
The American way.
And then this happens.
What are you talking about?
I'm talking about you
coming in here and ripping us off.
What do you want?
You want us to pay for it? What?
You wouldn't believe
what we want from you.
In your worst nightmare,
you wouldn't believe.
Let's play a game.
It's called Scary Noises.
This is the closest shopping arcade,
but the whole area
is an absolute monument
to consumerism.
All we can do is hope.
Check all the fiords,
including the basement.
Isn't that a scary noise?
Wanna hear it again?
Gosh! The suspense is killing me.
Let's do it again.
An E-ticket attraction.
Let's do it again.
Now wait a minute.
I don't think
there's really a bullet in here.
No. Now, see there, it's loaded.
I just needed
to be a little more patient.
I think this is it, girls.
I really do.
We're not with these guys.
Really, like, we just met them
an hour ago.
I mean, look at this stuff.
Look at this skirt.
It's ironic. Of all the great minds
of the world, all the great intellects,
- Who should survive? Or almost survive?
- Im so thirsty
I don't have to see the result
of the blood test.
I can guess
what they say about that one.
You're right.
It would be senseless to take her back.
Look, I'll stay and take care of it.
Then if this Hector person shows up,
I can run tests on him, too.
Of course, it would be out of the question
to let you remain by yourself.
I'll stay here with you.
Listen, thanks for suggesting
that I wait for Hector.
I mean, I know Reggie'll probably get him,
but I'd like to have a shot at it.
Samantha, I need you to lie down.
Hector's not exactly a fox,
but considering what's left,
he's not bad.
- He sounds cute. Is he coming back?
- Yeah.
But we should wait for him
at the radio station.
That's where he'll go.
What's that?
- I'm going to give you something.
- For what?
Well, your skin's
been a little irritated.
Yeah, a rash.
It could be a rash,
but it could also be something else.
- That's one of the main symptoms of...
- The comet? No.
See, I always get rashes,
like, when I have a fight with Doris,
or I break up with a boyfriend.
It's nerves.
And you know, the way things have
been going around here lately,
I'm surprised I don't
look like strawberry Jell-O.
But if I do have that stuff,
this will get rid of it, right?
- Yeah.
- God, you had me worried.
Don't worry. Just a pinch now.
So, you guys are, like, geniuses, right?
Yeah, I thought so.
We have a couple of
geniuses at my school.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Is that it?
What did you want me to do, Oscar,
take her out back
and shoot her in the head?
I simply meant
I was glad it was painless.
I don't think we have to stay around.
She didn't think that he was coming back.
I feel we can wait.
I feel the radio station
is the more logical place.
Listen, Oscar, you were right
about the condition being progressive.
But it is also accelerating,
We don't have weeks.
We have maybe hours.
I don't know.
- We have a commitment.
- But I do know I don't have enough
to debate the issue. I am not going to be
a party to taking anybody else back.
You have to live up to it.
What do you expect me to do, Oscar,
go for my gun?
Of course not.
It's 450 FM in the p.m.
I'm Steve LaBeau,
and you're listening to 50,000 watts
of rock 'n'roll at the tower of power
over the City of Angels.
Reggie! Merry Christmas.
Did you happen to see two girls
running around here?
One is a cheerleader.
I'm not

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