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speaking of Doris...
Look, I need your help.
Tell her that you know all about this
field trip that I'm gonna take, okay,
with my science class. We're gonna go
to the observatory to watch the comet.
- She won't go for it.
- She'll go for it. Just tell her, okay?
Doris? Reggie's on the phone.
She's not having car trouble?
She's gonna be out all night
with her science class at the observatory.
I know everything.
Yeah, hi, Doris.
- What's this about a science class, Regina?
Well, you want me to do better
in science, don't you?
I want you home in five minutes
after you finish work.
If you wanna watch the comet,
you can do it here.
Look, Doris. I have 18 years ...
Look, Doris. Like, I'm 18, okay,
and I can watch the comet wherever
I want to watch the comet.
Here, Samantha, you and your sister
share a lot of secrets.
I want you to share this one with her.
If it were up to me,
I couldn't care less what she did.
But if your father makes it back home
without some Sandinista
blowing his brains out,
he's gonna hold me responsible
for any kind of trouble
you two girls get into.
What we have here is a chain of command.
The Major jumps on me, I jump on you.
Did you get that? Okay.
- Now, are you going to join the party?
- Join the party for what Doris?
So I can watch Chuck from across the street
stick his hands down your pants?
I think that's something
Daddy should know.
Chuck's a nice guy.
He's certainly nice to be with
while Daddy's down in Banana Land.
You were born with an asshole, Doris.
You don't need Chuck.
Looks like a real nice crowd
we have out here tonight.
Sarah, Chucky.
Hey, where have you been? You're gonna
miss everything. It's going to start.
Oh, kids.
I'll never marry another man with kids.
In 1910, Halley's comet returned.
Everybody thought
they were going to die then.
- What was that?
- Look!
You wanna know what bugs me about all this?
Well, I'm always afraid
someone's gonna see us, you know?
See us how? There's no windows.
They can't see through walls.
Well, Superman can see through walls.
Not these walls. They're made out of steel.
Used to be a fire law.
Superman can see through steel.
No, it's the one thing he cannot see through.
That's lead, you nerd.
- Lead?
Yeah. I mean, Superman can see through
steel like it wasn't there, even.
Well, I guess I'm the only one who's not
outside watching the meteor shower.
Perhaps put the radio on autopilot
and leave me.
I just might put the radio station
on autopilot and sneak out myself.
This is the Big K
of Los Angeles. A great-looking morning
in southern California. 50,000 watts
of oil, steel, and passion FM in the a.m..
It's wake-up time in the City of Angels.
And I'm Steve LaBeau.
- God damn it!
- What?
I've been waiting by that door
for the last 30 minutes,
and that pinhead hasn't brought
the film back yet.
Give the guy a break.
I mean, people are late sometimes.
No, something's wrong.
If he screwed that film up,
we could all be in a lot of trouble.
I'm gonna go over there on the bike.
Oh, jeez!
Don't I get an Egg McMuffin or anything?
- You could do me a favor.
- I did you a favor last night.
If that guy calls,
you tell him I'm on my way over,
and I'm very, very, very, very pissed.
- Hey, what about my 15 bucks?
- Tell him you're pissed, too.
You trust people, you get
screwed over every goddamn time.
Is that you?
Yeah, it's about frigging time.
That's the end of you, DMK.
You're history.
God, bad smog.
Oh, damn it!
Just great!
I don't believe this,
there's clothes everywhere!
I hate days that start like this.
Oh, damn it, damn it!
Eww. Gross.
What is this? Trick or treat?
- Come here.
- What?
- Come here!
- Come here, your ass.
Alright look, I don't know what your scene
is, but don't do anything stupid, okay?
Ночь кометы Ночь кометы

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