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Look, don't be an overachiever. You'll fit in
better with your age group, okay?
- This is really annoying.
- Regina. Regina, look over here.
Regina, look at me!
Read my lips.
Flashlight. Walk house. Now.
Okay, Mel.
- Let me take this for you.
- That's great... There go the profits.
And listen, stay out
of the projection booth.
And stay away from Dupree.
I'm gonna fire that guy someday.
He's been doing to me
what he's been doing to her in the booth.
He's been doing to me
what he's been doing to her in the booth.
- "David, that was a scream.
- "You're right.
I 'il go see. You stay here.
I'm talking about a mint-condition
print of It Came from Outer Space.
In 3D, man. Yeah, right.
Look, you know as well as I do
you got film freaks that'd go down on you
for a bootleg print of that.
100 bucks? 100 bucks? Right.
Something wrong with the phone here?
Did I hear you say $100?
Look, $100 isn't gonna get it this time.
Because I'm gonna have to
spend the night in here
waiting for you to bring the print back.
Think I'm gonna miss this comet thing
for a lousy $100?
"Help me!
Okay 110's a little better, yeah.
Hey, Reggie, here's the deal.
You leave, I let you in the backdoor.
Okay? I leave, you let me back in.
Mel thinks everybody's gone.
- Larry, do you know anybody named DMK?
- No.
No, you got to have the print back
by 6:00 in the morning.
You know, if we spend the night in here,
we're gonna miss the comet.
It's not like you can't see it
on television, you know.
all right, hey.
Get your guy here in an hour.
Yeah, well, maybe I want to
see it for real, okay?
Hey, television's real.
Television's very real.
So, what do you say? I'll give you $15.
Are you kidding?
We spend the night in here,
we end up making it,
and you give me 15 bucks?
Do you know
what that makes me look like?
Reggie, I'm not giving you $15
for making it with me.
Okay, well, just so
we have that straight, okay?
Yeah, for sure.
I mean, you'd be worth a lot more
than $15. Everybody knows that.
The first earthlings to see the
effects will be in Newfundland.
Or, Newfoundland.
This is expected to begin at 2.04.
That's Pacific Standard Time.
Hey, Sammy, Sammy, Sammy.
...Interesting sidebar to this story
is the fact that all telecommunications
seem to be out in that part
of the world.
This could have...
Samantha, you sound pissed.
I just had it out with Doris
once and for all, again.
She wants me to, like, haul chips and dips
around for her little comet party.
Yeah, well, speaking of Doris...
Look, I need your help.
Tell her that you know all about this
field trip that I'm gonna take, okay,
with my science class. We're gonna go
to the observatory to watch the comet.
- She won't go for it.
- She'll go for it. Just tell her, okay?
Doris? Reggie's on the phone.
She's not having car trouble?
She's gonna be out all night
with her science class at the observatory.
I know everything.
Yeah, hi, Doris.
- What's this about a science class, Regina?
Well, you want me to do better
in science, don't you?
I want you home in five minutes
after you finish work.
If you wanna watch the comet,
you can do it here.
Look, Doris. I have 18 years ...
Look, Doris. Like, I'm 18, okay,
and I can watch the comet wherever
I want to watch the comet.
Here, Samantha, you and your sister
share a lot of secrets.
I want you to share this one with her.
If it were up to me,
I couldn't care less what she did.
But if your father makes it back home
without some Sandinista
blowing his brains out,
he's gonna hold me responsible
for any kind of trouble
you two girls get into.
What we have here is a chain of command.
The Major jumps on me, I jump on you.
Did you get that? Okay.
- Now, are you going to join the party?
- Join the party for what Doris?
So I can watch Chuck from across the street
stick his hands down your pants?
I think that's something
Daddy should know.
Chuck's a

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