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other even more so
Julie said
Don't stop, Joseph, don't stop
And Joseph didn't stop
You feel weird
Tomorrow in my cab
I won't even have funny thoughts
I was mistaken
They took a cab
Julie was so tired
she gave her address inadvertently
She realized it but it was too late
She couldn't take her word back
I won't look at you go in Julie
No, Joseph
but it showed she had relinquished
what he couldn't stand
Do you want me to get out now?
But no Joseph, it's not important
You're the one to say that, Julie!
To say that it's not important
When she had gotten out
she had said goodbye to Joseph
Goodbye Julie
No, I know
tomorrow is Sunday
See you on Monday
It's nice. Do you like it?
I can see plants in this corner
It's acrylic, a good paint
It's a good color, restful for the eyes
It's true Julie, it's restful
When they were finished that night,
the neighbors organized a house-warming
And Julie wondered why not dance
Jack didn't go to work that night
It was normal. It was Sunday
We still have time to ourselves before dark
Then Julie started to tell him about Joseph.
Very calmly
For it was time for him to know
For what she had thought possible
was no longer so
I was tired of walking alone in the big city
and I loved you so much
I distrusted neither Joseph nor myself
nor the endless
walks in the summer nights of Paris
so it was that Julie left both Jack and Joseph

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