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are quiet,
it's just there's nothing in their brains
nothing worth saying at least
or else they are real fakes
You know what I think of fakes
You never talked about it
nor about romantic heroes
It's the first time
I don't see why you think about all that
I do because when I have nothing to say
when I run out of imagination
I say to myself
I hope she knows
there are great things beneath the silence
I don't want you to think
this guy has nothing to say today
I'd be better somewhere else
So I want you to think that
I'm a great guy
I wonder what your sister would think of it
It's you who's saying sad things now
I'm not
It's you who feels they are sad
It's the same thing
Julie, you know what?
We'll pretend I've no sister
I don't want family between us
All right
And it's Sunday
Sundays, things go wrong
especially in families
But Jack, today is not Sunday
It's Saturday
But we can pretend it's Sunday
All right, if you agree
All right.
But what's wrong with Sundays?
I don't know, it's in the air
Tomorrow is Sunday and I'm going away!
Oh, Jack, it's begun again
No, I'll stop
Where are you going?
I'm coming towards you
But I'm here
But I hadn't seen you
I haven't changed though
No, you're right
You're weird today
But you're here that's what matters
You didn't think I was not going to come
It happened already?
And since that day
I'm never sure anymore
If I hadn't come
would you have been surprised
Not really, only unhappy
And if tomorrow
no, it's Sunday...
if I hadn't come on Monday
would you have been surprised
Yes, for you have not come two days in a row
But if you hadn't come the next day, then?
I don't know
Maybe I would have thought you'd never come back
You won't come on Monday, is that so?
But, no, Joseph
Yes or no
Yes, I will
Then what do you ask these questions for?
I don't know, just like that, for nothing
You're here
It never happened that
you didn't come two days in a row
Come on, let's go
Jack felt a shadow was hovering over them
He thought it was because of the apartment
He wanted to redo it
enlarge the bedroom and paint it
We don't need a living room
What if we meet people?
We won't anyway
And if your parents come back?
I'm your downstairs neighbor
Is there a leak?
My place is flooded
A leak?
We have a leak in here
A leak?
There's no water
We didn't notice anything
We hear everything in here
We didn't notice anything
Could be in the toilet
No, nothing there either
Don't you see?
That we hear everything
I didn't hear anything
There's nothing
Know a plumber?
No, we know nobody
Sorry, don't like bothering people
Neither do we
At least we met
Shouldn't walk bare foot
There are splinters
What do we do when happiness is gone?
We try to get it back
And if we do, will it be the same happiness?
I don't know
I must think about it
So, have you?
I have, but I still don't know
There aren't answer to everything
I don't know, I wonder
We can always wonder
You said, we try to get it back
It's lousy
Yes, it's lousy
It's lousy and it's lousy
and I don't give a damn
it' not that bad
Now, we're making it bigger
And when it's done?
Well, it'll be bigger
And then?
We'll see things more clearly
Jack, you must rest
The neighbors complained about the noise
and the dirt in the staircase
They entered their apartment
The police were called
But there were those who were on their side
and who dropped by
at all hours of the day, to say hello
or to cheer them up
because they were intrigued by what was going on
Julie says if it goes on like this
it will be next year right now
We'll have to have a child right now
And a telephone now if it goes on like this
It's steep
The plumber found nothing, could you try?
No, I'm sorry
They were invaded
They resisted a little but it didn't help
It probably suited them
Maybe we should move out?
That night they loved each

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