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And me too
I shouldn't have met you
but one can't go back in the past
Oh, if one could
That's what you'd like
I can't see myself without you
yet you're in my way
I can't see myself without you
but you're not enough in my way
Anyway, it doesn't work out
You have such a way of looking at things
Come close to me
I'm cold
It's hot and I'm not a blanket
I'm cold but I like also to feel you against me
and maybe make love
Maybe, you don't even know
It's a risk then
A risk to take
I'm afraid
What if it doesn't work?
It would be terrible
But maybe not
You said I should leave you
Why me?
Because you came afterwards
Is that all?
That's all
You have something to say?
Jack, I haven't slept
but I did dream
It's impossible
But I assure you it's true
One dreams at night
I dreamed during the day and I was awake
But Julie, this is crazy!
There was a man walking to a window
He opened it and said...
You're doing fine today?
You already told me about it the day we met.
You said he'd meant:
You don't feel right.
You were pessimistic then
He said it to others
but it was he who didn't feel right
This man in your dream
must have been somebody else
Your sister for instance
You know I have none
Your sister if you had one
or the dream you had of having one
for when we have a sister
there are two of us
That was before I met you
You too dreamed of a sister
That was before I met you
and I'm not a sister to you
In this dream, he didn't say:
You're doing fine.
What did he say then?
But you can't dream awake
for it's not dreaming
but daydreaming
And I interpret dreams better than daydreams
and I'm best at nightmares
Why nightmares, Jack?
Well, the man said:
I love you.
And I can interpret it myself this one dream
This man was not my sister
nor your dream about a sister
It was me who told you
I love you
the window banging was my heart
opening up to tell you this
If you say so
What is it?
Why do you look like that?
Like what?
Well, if you interpret your dreams
what do you need me for?
And if you must use a dream you haven't had
simply to tell me that you love me
then you are a complicated girl
I like when it's simpler
and things seem complicated now
Even to say that
we love each other when we do
You know, Julie
about this sister I never had
I wish we'd talk as if I'd had one
As you wish, Jack
but how could we do so?
Well, for example, we could say:
Don't make pig-head faces.
It's the kind of faces
your sister couldn't stand
But what would this pig-head look like?
Well, like a guy's head
who if he were told I love you
would first have to listen
to a crazy dream
and who,
if he also made a declaration
wouldn't be so smart as to imagine
a dream like this
one he hasn't even had
or dreamed of having
for all that he dreamed
of having was you
and that I have you
and I love you
I love you and I managed better than you did
it came out by itself
no dream of a guy at a window
If you do, then you say babe and babe
I don't like
Yes, I see,
but you give too much importance to details
No, I don't. I wouldn't waste time
disliking it if it were a detail
I'd be indifferent to your misfortune as they say
I have no misfortune
You talk like in a book
It's because I'm used to books
You know, having habits isn't good
Who told you that?
A book in fact, just a little bit sad
the way I like them
Why do you like sad books?
I didn't say sad
I said just a little bit sad
Jack, why do you talk so much today?
Today, I'm very witty
Make the best of it
I might not be so tomorrow if I feel annoyed
Why would you be annoyed?
And when it happens it just does
and it clings to you to the end
There's the type who's neither witty nor annoyed
and you shouldn't think
they have much in their brains
that if they did say what they have to say
you'd bowled over
The romantic hero type
mysterious, that's not it!
If they

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