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but he doesn't like me
Or he's just preoccupied
I thought he felt good shout himself
that he could be a friend
I feel he doesn't want friends
Or it's just me he doesn't want
It's nothing much
I'm not hurt
What is it Julie?
I don't know
Should I make you laugh?
Yes, make me laugh
No, you haven't changed
Didn't think I'd see you
I'm here
You're not asking me anything?
Yes, I am
Then ask me
I'm asking you
I stayed with Jack
And you left me alone
He needed me
And you?
Me too
And me?
I needed you too
You need everybody at the same time
And I only need you
I wanted to come
But you didn't
And tonight he doesn't need you?
And you don't need him?
And tomorrow?
Tomorrow, I don't know
Tomorrow is tomorrow
Tomorrow morning
I'll need you
No, don't say that
But it's true
How can you know, it's not morning yet
there's a whole night ahead of us
I need you every morning
Nights are so short
But they're beautiful
Tomorrow morning, is another morning
But every morning is the same for me
If every morning were the same
why would there be other mornings?
Don't say that, it's not fair
No, it's not fair, but what's fair?
The day after tomorrow is Sunday
It's still far off
And then it'll be Monday
Jack said he saw me at night the other day
And me?
No, not you
But it's as if he had felt you
And me, I saw you both tonight
it's as if I felt you both all the time
I saw you last night
No, you didn't
you were with him
I was with him, but I saw you
How did I look?
You were alone
I saw you but not alone
You were together
I know you're together, he doesn't.
It's unfair
It is unfair
I should maybe tell him
So he'll be unhappy also
No, but you lie to him
No, never
What are you doing?
I'm taking my pill
You never forget?
No, but I never think about it either
You take it without thinking
It's funny
It's the first time I've noticed it
It's funny and it's not funny
Might be that before it didn't affect you
It's true
It's the first time
How did you guess?
I took it while thinking about it this time
I wondered if I didn't forget the other days
Did you?
No, I didn't
How do you know?
I looked at the box: The days matched
So I hadn't forgotten
Why just today were you aware of taking it?
Oh, Jack!
Just today, you thought:
I won't forget
Maybe so
And just today it does something to me
You want to know what?
Yes, Jack
Well, I wish you'd forgotten
I wish you hadn't been careful
Not that I wished you'd be pregnant
but I wish you'd done nothing to prevent it
And just today I was aware of taking it
In the past I wasn't
So I could have forgotten then
I wonder why you were aware of it just today
There are days like that
Luckily there are other days too
Jack, you shouldn't work anymore
I'm afraid
Should... Shouldn't
And they argued for the first time
Since the night she had spent in Jack's cab
Joseph kept making plans as though
to force something upon her
He wanted to go away with her for a week.
Will it ever be the moment?
I don't know
Can't you find an excuse?
No, it wouldn't be you
Nor you, as I see you
Just tell me what you two do on Sunday
I don't know yet
It's not important
You know it is
Yes, I do
If I knew, I wouldn't spend my time imagining
There's nothing to imagine
I imagine anyway
I imagine you and him on Sunday
Me, on Sunday, I go home
and wait till Monday
And you?
Me, I know that Monday is coming up soon
Just tell me if you go dancing
just that or if you go to a restaurant or...
But no, we stay home
That's what I dreaded
That's what I imagined
I'd hoped you went out
Stop that Joseph
I will if you don't leave me this morning
So you want Jack to be hurt
and me too
And me too.
Oh! I shouldn't have said that.
Who says he'll be hurt?
But everybody's hurt
I should leave you
No, it wouldn't help
You're here now.
It's too late
And Jack is already hurt
He doesn't know why
But I know, that's already a


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