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No preference?
It'll never change?
I don't think so
But I only love you
But I'm not you
Besides, it's not my fault
If it were you I loved the most
I couldn't love you
At around four a. m.
She started worrying for Joseph
couldn't keep from keeping hold of her
Stay a little bit more
Just this time
We're both hurt
It's not what I wanted
No, I'm not hurt
it's only in the morning
when we separate
It's so abrupt
You're here and suddenly you're not
But we can't separate piece by piece
No, but it's abrupt, it's abrupt
You mean brutal
Yes, I mean all that
Abrupt and brutal
It's like from one second
to the next there is then there isn't
But it's not forever
Later, there is again
We're never sure
One is never sure of anything
You must go down now
Because of my heel
What about it?
I can't walk
You're afraid?
No, I'm not.
You don't want him to see us?
I don't want you, you to see me go home
I won't look at you
You will
How do you know?
That I will
That's what I don't know
It's too late now Joseph
For I'll tell myself he's not watching
because we said so
And can't we act as if we hadn't said so?
No, and also I might feel like turning around
And then we couldn't separate
And even if I didn't turn around
while dying to do so
I'd know that had I done it,
we couldn't separate
Oh Joseph, you must go now
Shouldn't wear those high heels
I thought you liked them, you told me so
No, I didn't
Maybe not
Julie was hothered
He didn't quite know why
But maybe intuitively he did
It's not important
You know it is
For if it isn't,
we'll end up saying that about many things
then, about everything
And if nothing is important
Then why do this rather than that
Don't say it's not important anymore
No, I won't
See you tomorrow
Stay one more minute
Don't fall asleep Julie
you know what happens if one does
I'm not falling asleep
I'm listening to your heart beat
I'm going down now
otherwise it'll stop beating
What is it Jack?
I wanted to say something, but I just forgot
What could it be?
Oh, it gets on my nerves
It's not important
Probably not
Try to remember
I have it on the tip of my tongue
But not anymore, it's gone
Think harder
I'm trying, Julie, but nothing comes
It's not important after all
You might remember
Yes, I might
Why are you shivering, Jack?
I don't know
I have a funny feeling
A feeling like what?
Like a weight on my heart
But I'll take a deep breath and it'll go away
Is anything burning here?
My place is full of smoke
No, nothing
Excuse me
Now, I remember what I wanted to say
What is it?
Paris is a big city
While driving at night
I see lots of girls. And not you
It's true
Yet, I move around so much
I could run into you
That's true
There's very little chance
I calculated last night
that there is one in a million
But even here
you can get round laws
One night, he drove past her
She seemed elsewhere
In a world to which he had no access
What is it, Jack?
Aren't we okay like this?
We are but at times
I've the feeling it won't last
You shouldn't
It's hard to fight against feelings
Don't let them take over
No, there's something too good
I worry. It can't last
If you worry, maybe it's not that good
Oh, no, that's impossible
Could be the heat or you're tired
Yes, probably
when he kissed her it wasn't as simple as before
He felt uneasy
And when he took her he was rough
You're hurting me
You see
Julie went with Jack in his cab
because he asked her to
She wasn't feeling right
Even with all the windows opened
she felt oppressed
The passengers were like silent shadows
in the back of the car
Don't look at me like that
Why not?
I don't know
It's too see if you're changing
And what do you see?
I don't quite know
One can change
It's true why do you say that?
Maybe I'm changing
People look at me strangely
Joseph for example
I don't know, what I've done to

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