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say things we don't feel?
That's not it
When one feels something it
shows then why say it?
As long as a thing is not said
you can't be completely sure of it
And besides, I like repeating things
Especially that I'm happy
If you were unhappy you'd say everyday
I'm unhappy
I was so used to being unhappy
I didn't even realize it
So I said nothing
And to whom say these things anyway?
To nobody
Whereas being happy is unusual
Especially that happy
It's true
You know, I was told:
Beware if ever you fall in love,
that's when trouble starts.
I asked what kind of trouble
they told me:
Trouble of all kinds.
Who told you that?
My soccer friends
You play soccer?
I did before
Before what?
Before you
And do you believe it?
That trouble will begin
One mustn't believe everything
Say something
They couldn't fall asleep
nor be caught unaware by daybreak
They got dressed in silence
I still want you
Keep that for tomorrow
You think it can be kept?
Oh, yes it can
But it distracts me in my cab all day long
I've funny thoughts
Besides, I feel they can be seen
Hide them better then
The address they gave got them close
to either his place or hers
Never in front of the door to remain discreet
Once they'd arrive nobody would get out
They'd give another address
getting one of them closer on
and on till they felt daylight was too close
They she would get out and go home
I'm happy
I didn't know one could be that happy
I'm less happy at night
but still am when I think of the next day
If there were only days
I might not realize it
It would all be the same
Might just be a matter of contrast
It's begun again
What has?
This talk of being happy
Why do you say that?
We always say the same thing
I don't think so
How can you be sure you're happy
But I feel that that's what it is to be happy
In books they get happily married
and have many children
And then?
That's at the end of the story
It's something you go towards if it's at the end
And we don't
Since we stay here
But we can still go somewhere
But where?
We'll know at the end of the story
But we have none
Doesn't one say a happy love has no story?
Yes, one does
Then we have none?
Yes, we do, but a story with no fuss
Joseph also - he's happy
How do you know?
I don't know, it's just an impression
Well, just today he was in a hurry
Often, he stays on at the cab depot,
so we talk a bit
We're not friends, but we talk
You haven't seen my cat?
You don't ask about what?
About what?
What we talk about Joseph and I
Yes, I'm asking you
It's hard to say
Just words
French words like 'Doing okay'
Days it's tough, nights are better
It depends on what day or what night
Last night we didn't say anything
Maybe he had nothing to say
And then?
Well, that's all
He's a good guy I think
Yes, good, he feels good about himself
It's true
I like your shoes
Have you seen Puss, my cat?
Your legs stand out and I like that
But you don't see them
I can guess them
It's full
Not here, it's full
She had fallen asleep after making love
It was air conditioned
It was cool
She was no longer used to that coolness
It was the first time he saw her sleep
What is it?
It was like a bad dream
It's getting light
You shouldn't have let me sleep
I shouldn't have fallen asleep
Sorry I'm off duty
If you only knew something
almost happened to us
But what?
Something like a lie
Don't fall asleep Jack
You know what happens
if you fall asleep in a snowstorm
You never wake up
It's summer
There's no snowstorm in summer
One never knows Jack
Since the day Julie had fallen asleep
she was beside herself
Why do you go so slow?
And what's the hurry?
I'm hurried by life
there's no hurry
Careful with those heels
Could you run away from bad company?
I won't need to
And with my sneakers
I was too close to the ground
I couldn't wait longer
Me neither
In a hurry to see me?
And to leave Jack?

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