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people leaving business dinners
they can't be sentimental
Less so, it's true, it depends
But they're drunk or pleased with themselves,
so they give too
And during the day?
During the day, I don't know
Your eyes are open
How do you know?
There are things one feels
And what else do you feel?
No, not this
what else do you feel about me?
Your lips are trembling a little
I feel this
We're in love
Yes, in love
They had a beautiful day
wrapped up in each other
At dusk, they didn't want to separate
Why does one have to work?
I don't know but that's the way it is
It's reasonable
I dislike that word
So do I.
You look so pale
You too
No, not like this
We're not children anymore
It's the first time it happened to me
That what happened to you?
To be in love
Tomorrow, we can't meet
Because it's Sunday
Sunday was the finest day of the week for them
Jack didn't work from Sunday to Monday
they had time to themselves
They were left with a day, then a night,
and another day
But something happened on this Sunday
Expecting anyone?
No, are you?
It's us
We had no news
Come in
Sit down
Jack, your parents are here
Aren't you afraid of splinters?
No, not anymore
Jack, you look so pale
Anything to drink?
No, it's all right
Yes, I'll get you something
Thank you
So you're doing fine?
Yes, dad, I drive a cab at night
At night?
Till I find something else
Yes, that's good, that's good
And what do you do?
Not much right now
We have time
Of course
Women are up on things faster than men are
So it's better when there's an age difference
Well, yes
You're not expecting...
No, we have time, dad
You do go to the doctor sometimes?
And you too, it's all so dangerous
And you teeth are all right?
Yes, yes
Teeth are important after all
As much as the rest
Let's go
Let's go
We didn't want to disturb you just get some news
Sure dad
See you soon
Goodbye Julie
Do you want a child, Jack?
Next year
when things will have changed
With a child we'll need a phone if he gets sick
friends who have children
so he can see people his age
And I won't be able to go around at night
We'll have to do without pizzas and breakfasts
We'll have to eat meat for him to be strong
We're strong without meat
Yes, but we don't have a child
Right. And no friends
And no furniture, no telephone
It's true
And we'll be afraid all the time
that's what my mother told me
When she had me she was afraid for me
afraid to do the wrong thing
Afraid I'd die
Everything counted each gesture she made
At night, she'd get up to see
if I was still breathing
Can it just stop?
I've heard it can
And men, are they afraid also?
I don't know
My father never said anything
It's enough that women should worry
Then what?
Then nothing
So a child is a funny business
Yes, let's wait a bit more
Yes, we're in no hurry
Yet, it's said a child is the fruit of love
What counts is what's not said
They still worry if they came?
My parents
Fear is a thing that lasts
New shoes?
Do you like them?
Yes, you look different
You have a new shirt, I like it
I look different
What should we do?
What you want
And if what I want is not
what you want how will we manage?
We won't manage
They often changed hotels
because of the breakfast problem
The receptionist always wanted to know
when they would have it
Joseph thought it was
a very tactless thing to ask
Tea or coffee?
Coffee and tea
I like how you smell
I like your color
They knew they would leave the room before dawn
And this room, do you like it?
Yes, and you?
If somebody came in?
We'd blush
They just came to love each other
For a few snatched hours
Time to undress swiftly to creep into bed
and make love to silence
So deep a silence it was she couldn't stand it
Julie would say then:
Speak, say something
Yes, was all he'd say
I'm happy
It's not a thing one says
And why not?
It's a thing one feels
You want us to


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