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strange name
I dislike it but I'm used to it
It's unpretentious
Think so?
I wouldn't like Amaury, it's pretentious
I don't know it
I heard it goes back to the Middle Ages
Joseph is fine
Where are you from?
From over there
It looks far
Do you like Paris?
Yes, do you?
What do you like in Paris?
I like Belleville at around nine
on a summer night eating out on wide terraces
I like appetizers brought to the table
the waiter offering you a drink
I like to dip bread in arrissa
and burn my throat
I like movie houses even if I never go
I like it when it's crowded
I like it when it's empty
I like going into stores
in the summer for it's cooler
I don't like cafes closing at 2 a. m.
But I like when they reopen
I like ordering coffee at the bar
or a slice of bread and butter at a table
I like reading for hours sitting outside
I like lit up billboards
I like pharmacies
with all sorts of toothbrushes
wine shops when you are given advice
grocery snops with pistachio or spring rolls
I like Chinese beer and gluey rice restaurants,
but far from train stations
for I hate departures
I like the St Denis metro station
even if it's sad street names
not campaign posters
I like the Republique area
You can always find cigarettes delivery boys
riding scooters with helmets like Lindberg's
I could have been a pilot
I like watching girls
but I don't go near them, boys too
but I don't know them
Actually, I know nobody in Paris
Neither do we
Neither do I. Until now
I thought it was better for
I could think more about work
I've got ambition I guess
Cabs, plenty of cabs cruising
around Paris and its suburbs
I calculated: If I work 12 hrs a day
for 3 years. I'd get my permit
Later, my own cab,
still later, many
Then it would have no end
Why until now?
For I've seen poverty until not
And now?
Now, I see you
Then along the banks of the Seine in
a part of town where she had already been
I do believe that they kissed
Where are we going now?
To your room
I don't like my room
Nobody ever came there
Not even my father
Why keep it then?
I dislike it when I think of it
but I hardly ever do
What do you think of?
I think of when I'll move out of
when I won't drive a cab
and won't be as lonely
Those are terrible thoughts
What about you?
I don't know yet what I think
I'm happy like this
At night, I think of Jack
and during the day he's with me
At night, when you think of him.
What do you think of?
I try guessing where he is,
the rest I've no right to tell you
I think of him, then I feel him
That's already a lot
A lot for now
Will you think of me during the day?
Certainly not. You know,
most of my time I think of nothing
That must be very difficult
You know, I no longer want us to talk
about what we think
Everyone for himself
That smile betrayed her
Do you go around with a como?
Why did you come to Paris?
To be happy, Julie
And you see, it happened
I don't think it's going to rain
Where are you going?
Jack's home too
I love him
And me?
You too. See you tomorrow
At the cafe near Chatelet
She greeted him as usual
With desire, joy and emotion
what do you think of when I'm away?
It's strange
I feel I lived this before
Well, I think about you, and you?
So do I. I think about you and I hurry
but it's no use
the night doesn't go by faster
No, it's even getting longer these days
Yes, and time seems so much longer without you
But if I start doing that
I'll be really sick the night after
I'll be used to being with you night and day
I'd better go
Besides, we must pay the rent tomorrow
Do we have to?
I'm afraid so
Luckily we don't have a phone
there'd be that much more to pay
I make money at night
People pay less attention at night
Because it's dark?
At night, either they're in love
or no longer in love
or about to fall in love
Anyway, they're sentimental, so they give
I'm ashamed to use their emotions
But gangsters or


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