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Никто не знает про секс

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- Turn around then.
- How am I supposed to turn around here?
- They have gone completely crazy.
- Let's go.
- You don't even remember where you put it.
- I remember perfectly that I left it on the table. And don't tell me I got bad memory.
- Then get it and let's go.
- Captain Kozlov
- You don't remember anything anymore. Soon you will even forget us.
- I have a perfect memory. They were on the table.
- Captain Kozlov.
- Don't bother us!
- Is this your relative?
- We don't have any relatives.
- What do you mean? Isn't this your adress. Adress. Adress!
- Yes. That is our adress.
- Okay well then here he is. Just sign the paper.
- Who?
- Your relative.
- Pete!
Some relative is here to visit you.
- What relative?
- This one.
- Look I am handing this over. Handing it over.
- Deadly... Deadly weapon. Hahahaha.
Kozlov. Kozlov the policeman. Hahaha.
- Okay so where are you from?
- Krasnoyarskiy Krai
- Pete he is from Krasnoyarskiy Krai.
- What? And how old are you?
- 20
- So you found me then.
- What did you just say?
- Wait Vera.
- So that's how you look.
What's your name?
- Egor.
- Wait. I don't understand. Who is this?
- Im your second nephew.
Grandpa sent a telegram.
Here is grandpa, and that is you.
Grandpa said you would remember.
There they are both 2 years old.
- Oh my God, you can't even remember your own relatives?
- No, how could I forget, this is Egor, my second nephew from Siberia.
- Wait what telegram?
I didn't receive any telegram.
- This is your cousin, Kirill.
- Dad listen what is this money I found on the table?
- Where was the money?
- On the table.
- What's wrong with you, not only can you not remember anything, you are blind too?
- I looked on the table.
- Can I stay with you for a while?
- Stay as long as you want.
- Show your cousin how to use modern items.
- What a day.
- Where do you get water around here?
I wanted to take a bath.
- Like this?
- Hi.
Let's go talk.
But leave that here please.
- It's mating season for them, but they won't do it.
- So how do they do it?
- The male takes care of the female for about to weeks.
They swim, play, rub their fins.
- So they rub their fins?
And does he have a big one?
- Theoretically about a meter.
- Daaamn.
How can he swim with that?
- It's stays inside until the right moment.
Except they only do it for a few seconds.
- That reminds me of this one guy I was with.
Anna everything for you is theoretical
You are grown up now its time to switch to practical.
- What do you think of him?
I think he likes me.
- Do you like him?
Okay friends are for helping.
Tonight we will go to the ferry to look around. See the Moscow River.
And find you a guy.
-What is this?
- Grandpa wanted me to give these herbs to your dad. It's for better ...
- He doesn't need that anymore?
Can you smoke this stuff?
- No you make tea out of it.
- How long are you here for?
- I came to see Moscow, Red Square.
- I also have a girlfriend here.
I want to get married.
- This is Angelina.
You are crazy.
I am also obsessed with her, every night.
- No creativity.
Everything started so good.
"American Sex", "Italian Sex".
The ratings are dropping.
One more show like this and we are done.
We need a new show.
New idea.
New perspective.
Enough talking about sex, it's time to do it.
- Yes. Live.
- Live
I have a vision.
This will be a super show. Mega show.
All the guys in Moscow will compete for...
- A night with you.
- No.
A night with you.
- That would be cool. I haven't had sex in 6 months.
- Kirill?
- What?
- What is sex?
- Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina.
You will sleep on the top level.
Wait you don't wet the bed right?
- No.
- Good.
Erection, penetration, fucking, cum
It's pretty easy.
- Listen, maybe I should ask your parents.
- Go ask.
They might have known but forgot by now.
I will show you.
There. The guys said this is a tight porno.
- Why are you bothering with
Никто не знает про секс Никто не знает про секс

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