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Никто не идеален

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Ten pages on class distinctions
in the Middle Ages for Friday.
That's a rush job,
I'm going to have to add another 20%,
making it $480.
Okay, no problem, you got it.
Okay, Andy, listen to me.
We have a very serious, serious problem.
Okay, okay. Jackie, who do we got
for the Middle Ages?
That Russian guy from Harvard,
Vladimir Mishkin.
- Andy! For Christ's sake...
- Okay, okay.
Jackie, call Mishkin and tell him
I had to take a cut in my usual fee.
I can only pay him a hundred bucks.
How do you live with yourself?
Hey, I am a business major!
I learned all this stuff in class!
I want you to learn this, all right?
You forgot one detail
in your brilliant scheme.
Stephanie has to take a physical.
Holy shit.
I gotta concentrate.
Andy! Listen!
- Relax, Steve-o.
You go to the appointment tomorrow,
Andy here will take care of the rest.
Trust me.
All right. Who's next?
- Stephanie Brown.
- Yes.
All right. Come along, Miss Brown.
Have you filled out your medical history?
- Yes, I have.
- All right, just let me take a look at it here.
And you take this
and go back there and change, all right?
Yes, take off all of your clothes,
just go on back there.
Oh, Doctor,
do you think that this is necessary?
I'm in perfect health.
There is no need to be shy.
I've seen thousands of naked women.
Well, it's you that I'm worried about.
I have a rash, and it might be contagious.
I see. Well, we've got a lot of patients
waiting out there, so if you...
Doctor, I'm sorry.
I can't allow you to examine me.
It's against my religion.
- Your religion?
- Yes.
Well, what religion is that?
Well, I'm a Swissurrectionist...
A Resurrectionist.
Well, I don't care
if you are a Belgian waffle.
I have to give you a examination.
And I would like to get to lunch
before Christmas, all right?
Andy. Andy.
All right, Miss Brown,
if you just sit down here.
Right here.
All right,
would you open your mouth, please?
A little wider.
All right.
Now, put your feet in the stirrups, please.
I've got to examine you internally.
All right. Now, just relax.
All right.
You don't understand,
it's a matter of life and death!
Doctor, I'm from
the Seismic Institute of Technology.
- The man from S.I.T.
- What the hell are you talking about?
I told him, "You can't be in here
when the doctor is with a patient!"
There's been an earthquake alert,
and this building is structurally unsound!
What are you, some kind of crazy man?
Get the hell out of here!
- Did you feel that? We just had a tremor!
- I felt it! I felt it!
He was doing it on purpose.
Didn't you see that?
I did not! Look! A crack!
The ceiling's coming down!
My God!
Doctor, the ceiling's coming down!
The ceiling's coming down!
Get somebody in here...
Maniac in here... Pervert!
Doctor, this patient is in mortal danger
unless she is evacuated immediately!
- She's gonna be fatally killed!
- Fatally killed?
What kind of sexual perversions
are being perpetrated
against this young woman?
I may have to report you!
All right, you with the orange hat
from S.I.T. Get out of here, all right?
And you, too, get out.
I can't conduct a proper examination
like this.
I can't! My foot is stuck!
Why didn't you take your shoe off
in the first place?
Doctor, I really need that form signed
for the coach!
All right, all right.
There's your form, now get out of here!
Both of you!
I don't wanna stick around
for the aftershock!
Good shot!
Candice, Natasha, you're up!
- Good workout!
- Thanks.
- I don't get it.
- What?
Your strength
when you hit the ball.
Look, are you on steroids?
Oh, what a totally rad bracelet!
There's something really strange
about you.
We gotta hurry up and get over to Carla's
for Beauty Night.
For what?
- Come on, it'll be fun.
- Where are we going?
Don't burn yourself.
Come on, come on, come on, we're late.
We gotta get you ready for your big date.
Shelly, about
Никто не идеален Никто не идеален

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