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Несносный Деннис

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still in Oklahoma.
Oh, dear.
Yes, there's a terrible storm.
My olight's been cancelled.
Till the weather clears,
l don't know what's going to happen.
l know your garden party's tonight.
l oeel terrible.
l don't know what to do.
Don't worry about it.
You get home when you can.
We'll be just fine here.
What's George going to say?
Over my dead body!
This is my crowning moment of retired life
and l won't throw it away like the trash...
for a ninny who can't get her keister
to the airport on time.
George Wilson,
you have no right to insult Alice.
She can't help the weather,
any more than you or l.
lt's just plain bad luck.
lt's no one's fault.
A tragedy of this magnitude
has to be somebody's fault.
lt isn't a tragedy.
A little boy's going to join us for a party.
lf you want to forsake your neighbors
when they need help, do it alone.
Why is it, when everyone else
feasts on the pleasures of life...
l get the indigestion?
Because you're an old grump.
We did a pretty good job.
Now we can order furniture
and major appliances.
Well, Dennis...
-your mother did not arrive.
This is an important event for me.
l know.
l don't want any nonsense.
You mind whatever manners you have
and don't be a pest.
Don't embarrass me.
Cheek pinchers.
Look at the cute little boy.
Are you our little host?
The party's in the back.
Ladies, girls, the party's in the back.
Thank you very much.
lt's just this way, thank you.
Don't embarrass me.
Attention, everyone.
Gather over here, please.
Have a seat.
lt's time to begin the ceremony.
All right, members, don't be timid.
Move down front. Plenty of seats.
Either side, either side.
''On behalf of the Garden Club--
''Selection Committee.
-''We'd like to present....''
-''George Wilson.''
''With this beautiful....''
What does that say?
''Plague.'' What does that mean?
-Here, let me have your glasses.
-No. l....
''Plaque.'' Come on up, George.
Thank you, everyone. l am honored.
l will cherish this forever.
Forty years ago...
when l started this garden,
l planted a seed.
From that tiny seed...
grew this grand plant.
for the first and only time
in its entire life, it will blossom.
As we await this glorious moment...
Martha and l invite you
to have some dessert and coffee.
George, would you bring the coffee?
George, don't start, George.
Could you get somebody
to come and clear this away?
l made a mistake.
Mr. Wilson!
Somebody robbed your house.
Forty years down the drain.
You're a pest.
A menace.
A selfish, spoiled little boy
and l have no use for you.
You took something from me
that l can never get back.
Something that means more to me
than you ever will.
You understand?
l don't want to see you.
l don't want to know you.
Get out of my way.
l'm sorry, Mr. Wilson.
Party's over, everybody. Go on home.
l'm sorry.
Oh, my God!
Where's Dennis?
Joey hasn't seen him all night?
Well, if he shows up, please call me.
-Did you call the Wades?
But that's the last place he'd go.
Don't you ever come back here again.
He's a menace.
Turn that off!
Don't make a pest oo yourselo
and don't embarrass me.
l don't want to know you.
l don't want to see you.
Get out oo my way.
These woods are pretty scary at night.
l'm sure glad l ran into a grownup.
lt'll work out real nice.
-You can be my hostage.
l can only be your hostage till tomorrow.
l have church in the morning.
You ain't going to church.
You and me are catching
the midnight train out of here.
We better stop at my house first.
l have to tell my mom and dad...
or else they'll worry.
And l must get clean underwear
and my camera...
and tell my parents to feed my fish...
some sun block...
and vitamins and stuff to play with
on the train so l don't get bored.
Put a cork in it.
You're giving me a headache.
l don't have a cork.
Shut your mouth!
l can't because my
Несносный Деннис Несносный Деннис

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