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Несносный Деннис

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is Mrs. Mitchell.
Hi. Alice Mitchell.
Hi. Alice Mitchell.
This is Henry Mitchell.
This is Henry Mitchell.
You call.
Hey, Mr. Wilson. I'm sleeping at your joint.
- I brought you some grasshoppers.
- You shouldn't have.
I'll take them, dear.
Thank you so much, Martha. George.
It's our pleasure.
- You saved our lives.
- Save two, lose one.
I'll call you just as soon as I arrive.
- Do you have our number?
- Don't worry about a thing.
I brought my own pillow
so I don't get my spit on yours.
Thank you, dear.
Be a good boy, okay?
Mind your manners
and listen to Mr. And Mrs. Wilson.
- Thanks again.
- Thank you.
Bring me something good.
'Bye, sweetheart.
'Bye, Dennis.
George, take Dennis' suitcase
up to the guest room, please.
- He's got arms.
- Don't start, dear.
You know why I'm not crying?
Because if I can't be with my parents...
...the person I want to be with is you.
I can't tell you how deeply moved I am.
Don't do that, please.
The cord.
Stop that tapping.
There's not a lot to do around the house
when it's raining out.
- Do you wanna play cards?
- No.
Want to put on your old Navy suit
and play war?
- Is that pirates' gold?
- No.
Is it real valuable?
Is that why you keep it in your safe?
How come your safe looks like books?
How come you ask so many questions?
I've only been around for five years.
There's a lot of stuff I don't know.
The safe looks like books...
...so if a thief does come in,
he won't recognize it.
- Is a thief a robber?
- Yes.
- Have you ever had a robber here?
- No.
What's the combination to your lock?
You're the last person in the world
I'd tell that to.
You've got it wrote down someplace?
It's in my head.
- What's that mean?
- It means I know it. I remember it.- What if you forget it?
- I won't forget it. It's a familiar number.
I won't forget it.
What's that mean?
It means it's a number that I use
all the time, so I won't forget it.
I use it all the time.
- I bet I know what it is.
- I doubt that.
I bet it's your address.
Know how I know?
My friend has a bike lock...
...and he uses his address
for the combination so he won't forget.
- You're just as smart as him.
- He.
You got everything figured out, don't you?
I haven't figured out
how to get my work done...
...with you in the house.
That's a tough one.
Are you wrinkled enough yet, Dennis?
- Yep.
- Want me to come help you out of the tub?
Not unless you want to see
what the stork saw.
Old Faithful.
- How old is this bed?
- It belonged to my mother.
What's she sleeping on?
She's been gone for many years, Dennis.
- On business?
- No.
She's in heaven.
There's an awful lot of people in heaven.
Especially old people.
How about if I recite my favorite poem
when I was your age?
- Is it about flowers and lambs?
- No.
"Wynken, Blynken, and Nod one night...
"Sailed off in a wooden shoe...
"Sailed on a river of crystal light...
"Into a sea of dew...
"'Where are you going
and what do you wish?'
"The old moon asked the three...
"'We have come to fish for the herring fish
That live in the beautiful sea...
"'Nets of silver and gold have we!'
"Said Wynken, Blynken, and Nod...
"Wynken and Blynken are two little eyes...
"And Nod is a little head...
"And the wooden shoe
that sailed the skies...
"Is a wee one's trundle bed...
"Now shut your eyes while Mother sings...
"Of wonderful sights that be...
"And you shall see the beautiful things...
"As you rock in the misty sea...
"Where the old shoe
rocked the fishermen three...
"and Nod"
New pajamas. God bless 'em.
Poor thing.
I wish he'd get that hernia fixed.
George, are you sleeping?
I was until you started yakking.
I'm sorry.
Was Dennis in our bathroom?
I think the little rat
put mouthwash in my nasal spray...
Несносный Деннис Несносный Деннис

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