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Несносный Деннис

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I'm looking for Polly.
You're Mickey?
She's up in my mom's bathroom
using the armpit perfume.
She says you're such a stud,
she gets nervous and sweats a lot.
Come on in.
Tastes funny.
Tastes like paint.
And wood.
I'll make us some sandwiches.
"'Do not cry, little locomotive,'...
"... Said old Engine Number 99 to Huffy.
"'One day when you grow up,
you will realize...
"'... That all trains are
impotent, important...
"'... Even little mail trains. "'
How can a train grow?
He eats all his coal
and gets plenty of sleep.
No, what's the point of reading lies?
It teaches kids to eat all their food...
...and go to bed when they're supposed to.
And not cry when mean cabooses
and boxcars make fun of them.
This is so stupid.
Are you ready to get out of here
and go to bed, yet?
I'm not even wrinkled up yet.
Keep reading.
"'I will never be big enough to pull
anything but silly old mail cars,'...
"... Sobbed Huffy.
"Sobbobed Huffy. "
Where are you going?
I'm going to investigate Mitchell's garage.
Dennis has been fooling around with paint.
I know it, and I will prove it.
Aren't you taking this a bit far, George?
He's only a boy.
G.D. wading pool!
That's it!
Gee, I guess those kids took off.
I got him this time.
Mitchell can't deny it.
Sorry. Good night.
He's only a boy, huh?
Hi, Mrs. Wilson.
Is Mr. Wilson up yet?
Not yet, dear.
How long do you think he's going to sleep?
Not too much longer.
He's having his picture taken this morning.
- For what?
- He's being honored for his garden.
Do you think he would get mad
if I went upstairs?
What do you want to go upstairs for?
I made an "I'm Sorry I Shot Paint
on Your Chicken" card.
That's very nice, Dennis.
I'm kind of busy today,
so I won't have a chance to give it to him.
I have to go to Margaret's house...
...because we're getting poor,
and my mom's got a job now.
Could I leave it by his whisker cutter?
That's where I leave
my dad's "Sorry" cards.
And it's a good time to say you're sorry.
Grownup guys are happy in the morning
when they wake up.
My dad's so happy...
...he whistles
when he goes to the bathroom.
The only time he isn't happy
is on Sunday morning...
...when he and my mom wrestle.
They like to be alone when they do that.
I think it's because they take off
their shirts.
Then they start to make funny noises-
You can go up...
...as long as you promise
not to disturb Mr. Wilson.
I promise.
You know what, Mrs. Wilson?
You're the nicest old gal on the block.
My name is Dennis Mitchell.
I'm the doctor. Open up and say...
Mr. Wilson.
George? Are you ready?
The photographer's here.
I got a 9:30, ma'am.
He'll be out any second.
That looks fine, Martha. Leave it alone.
Martha, step back. You're in the picture.
Very good.
Hey, you.
Yeah, you. Come here.
I haven't seen you around here before.
Maybe because
I've never been around here.
What are you up to?
What's it to you?
Now, look.
I run a nice, clean town here
and I don't want any trouble.
My advice to you
is just follow the sun out of here.
Only reason I ain't moving on because
you stopped to give me the breeze.
You have to go to two other levels
to get there and...
Can I call you back?
Hi, Mom.
Good morning.
I hear you're trying to beg off
the Oklahoma City trip.
I asked that it be rescheduled.
Have a Cub Scout meeting or something?
My husband has a trip
that was scheduled before mine.
If you two are traveling at the same time,
no one can watch your kid.
Is that the problem?
- It's not a problem, per se.
- Oh, good.
Because if you want to blow off your trip,
I have to cover for you.
And I have plans I can't break.
I don't have kids but...
...I do have a life.
I'm sorry.
I just won't be able to help you.
- Okay.
- Who do we call first?
Let's start with the A's.
- You call.
- No, you call.
Hi. This
Несносный Деннис Несносный Деннис

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