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Несносный Деннис

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to murder me.
I'll say you did and she'll believe it.
Because boys are like that and girls aren't.
That really stinks.
Quit wasting time.
Mush your lips together
and let's get this over with.
Close your eyes!
Kiss me.
All right. Let's go.
Dennis, come on.
Oh, gosh.
Acting like a baby.
Get up!
Right this instant!
Don't you dare embarrass me!
Fine, I'll drag you inside.
You guys are the boring ones.
There's lots to do.
Oh, really? Like what?
We could practice singing songs.
Or put on a play...
...or a puppet show.
- We could bury you alive.
- I could pound your face.
It doesn't matter, anyways, Margaret.
We'll be leaving soon
and we have work to do.
We're going to make a fort.
You can't leave unless I go with you,
or I'll tell on you.
So, tough kitty paws, I'm going.
Climb down from there. I'll get my purse.
This thing's been here our whole life
and we never knew it.
- Do you think anybody lives in it?
- Just squirrels and birds.
It looks kind of junky.
We'll fix it up.
Good. I'll be the decorator.
We'll put on a special room for the babies
and a powder room for guests.
Forts don't have powder rooms.
Where do the soldiers' wives go
to freshen up?
Soldiers don't have wives, stupid.
Don't call me stupid, baby rump kisser!
It won't be a fort. It'll be a house.
A love nest.
Let's go up and see
what color carpet we should get.
Do forts got carpet?
Forts don't got carpet!
They do now, hot lips!
The Selection Committee has informed...
...Mrs. Butterwell and I...
...that this summer's Floraganza
will be held in the garden of...
Can you read this here?
You take these and I'll take those.
There we go. The garden of...
...George Wilson!
One Mississippi,
two Mississippi, three Mississippi...
...four Mississippi, five Mississippi.
Six Mississippi...
...seven Mississippi, eight Mississippi,
nine Mississippi.
Gunther, are you watching
where everybody goes?
Girls. Now...
Let's go!
You know,
I was unbeatable at hide-and-seek.
Hiding or seeking?
Both. I had a nose for hiding places.
I wouldn't think you'd be much good
at hiding.
Why not?
Weren't you a fat boy?
I was husky.
Ready or not, here I come!
I see Joey and Mike!
Run, Mikey!
He's cheating.
What are you doing?
Dennis is cheating.
He's using the Beckman kid as a spy.
Leave them alone, George.
I'll even things up.
Gunther, I'm just talking to your daddy
on the telephone.
He's going to the ice-cream store.
He wants to take you with him.
Hurry up and go home!
Now it's fair.
You lied to a toddler, George.
Think how disappointed he will be
when he gets home.
He better get used to it.
Disappointment will be a big part of his life.
He's a foot short for his age.
And he's cross-eyed.
Ain't that a pretty sight?
I bet they don't even lock their doors.
You won't notice a toy store
on the first level...
...but my suggestion is this:
Give the toy store six months free rent
to move up to the third level.
When I go to the mall with my little boy,
we always visit the toy store.
He knows he won't get anything unless
it's a special occasion, but like every kid...
...he wants to look around...
Could you spare us the family anecdotes?
There's always a lot of traffic in toy stores.
If people have to go up to the third level
to visit the toy store...
...then they have to go through
two other levels to get there.
That's apparent to anyone with children.
And you have to assume
that potential tenants...
...might have kids and would know that...
...and it might entice them
to take up space in the other levels.
That's all I'm saying.
We could have carried up a lot more stuff...
...if you didn't have to bring that idiotic doll
and all her junk!
She's not idiotic!
She's an important training tool.
You know why men are so lousy
when it comes to taking care of babies?
They have better things to do.
Like what? Play golf and drink beer?
No, like
Несносный Деннис Несносный Деннис

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