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Несносный Деннис

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t hungry!
It's the only way to get the key.
You can't waste food.
Plus, you must eat your dinner.
Come on.
Come on.
It's coming.
Too hot?
You must have swallowed it.
I swallowed my allowance once.
I had to wait a whole night and a day
to get it back.
Firewood. Bombs away!
Poor little lamb.
He must be exhausted.
I better cover him up
so he doesn't catch his death of cold.
There we go.
What's he got a purse for?
Holy smokes!
He's rich!
Don't worry, I got it!
I got it! I got it!
I've lost the only man I ever loved.
I'll get you out of there.
You shouldn't jump in a river
with handcuffs on, for God's sake!
You could drown.
Hold on. I'm coming.
Hey, mister!
Good thing I know a lot about ropes, huh?
That's my boy!
Mr. Wilson taught me how to tie knots.
When I get you out, I'm going to bed.
I'm beat.
It must be all the fresh air.
Hold on, I'm coming.
There you go. Now just pull yourself in.
This is Mr. Wilson's gold.
- How come you got it?
- I stole it.
You're a robber?
I'm a thief.
Say your prayers, little rat!
I can't. I didn't take my bath yet.
Have it your own way.
Hey, Mr. Wilson!
- Guess what?
- What?
I got your gold back.
Mom! Dad!
Oh, sweetheart! Thank God, you're okay.
This is my buddy. This is my paI.
Wait a minute.
You can tell everybody at the big house
you met our Dennis Mitchell.
All right. Let's wrap it up.
You forgot something.
I like that rhubarb pie that Martha makes.
- WonderfuI dinner.
- Thank you, Henry.
Alice, your coffee.
Guess what?
I won't have to traveI anymore.
That's nice.
They want me to work on the project here.
They agreed to start a daycare center
so I can take Dennis with me to work.
That's ridiculous!
What the heck's he going to do all day?
Don't be foolish.
We're right next door. We can watch him.
Well, of course. We'd love to.
I don't think...
I mean, you must remember back
to all the times Dennis upset you.
This is a new ball game.
I've learned a few things.
Kids are kids.
You have to play by their rules.
If you can't do that, you're in trouble.
You must roll with the punches.
You must expect the unexpected.
Aren't you supposed to be
in the daycare area with the other children?
That's where I was, but I had to leave.
The lady who watches the kids said...
...if she had to look at me
for five more seconds...
...she'd jump out the window.
She's a pretty nice lady...
...so I wouldn't want her to do that.
Can I push the button?
No, because you don't know
which button to push.
It's this one!
I'm going to get this little kid!Hey, Mr. Wilson!
Mr. Wilson.
Mr. Wilson?
Mr. Wilson?
Poor old Mr. Wilson must be so sick.
No wonder he ain't up.
His heart sounds like our washing machine!
Oh, no.
He's growing extra skin.
His tongue's very ugly...
...and blue and spotty.
He feels warm.
He has a temperature.
I know what you need.
You need an aspirin.
Don't you ever come back!
Do you hear me?
Starting part time will give you a chance
to ease back into it.
I mean, managing shopping malls
can't be much more difficult...
...than managing Dennis.
Where have you been?
I was at Mr. Wilson's house.
And, boy, is he sick.
He's got a fever, and he's burning up.
I better call Martha.
You didn't bother him, did you?
No, but I gave him an aspirin.
And he don't like them any better than me.
You shouldn't visit people
so early in the morning.
That's the only time I know for sure
they'll be home.
Hello, George. Alice Mitchell.
Are you feeling all right?
Dennis said that you...
Feeling all right!
Your son just shot an aspirin
down my throat with a slingshot!
I'm very sorry.
You better talk to him!
We'll talk to him.
When I was a child,
none of this would have been tolerated!
'Bye. 'Bye.
Did you shoot an aspirin
into Mr. Wilson's mouth?
Несносный Деннис Несносный Деннис

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