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Несносный Деннис

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years ago...
...when I started this garden,
I planted a seed.
From that tiny seed...
...grew this grand plant.
...for the first and only time
in its entire life, it will blossom.
As we await this glorious moment...
...Martha and I invite you
to have some desert and coffee.
George, would you bring the coffee?
George, don't start, George.
Could you get somebody
to come and clear this away?
I made a mistake.
Mr. Wilson!
Somebody robbed your house.
Forty years down the drain.
You're a pest.
A menace.
A selfish, spoiled little boy
and I have no use for you.
You took something from me
that I can never get back.
Something that means more to me
than you ever will.
You understand?
I don't want to see you.
I don't want to know you.
Get out of my way.
I'm sorry, Mr. Wilson.
Party's over, everybody. Go on home.
I'm sorry.
Oh, my God!
Where's Dennis?
Joey hasn't seen him all night?
Well, if he shows up, please call me.
- Did you call the Wades?
- Yes.
But that's the last place he'd go.
Don't you ever come back here again.
He's a menace.
Turn that off!
Don't make a pest of yourself
and don't embarrass me.
I don't want to know you.
I don't want to see you.
Get out of my way.
These woods are pretty scary at night.
I'm sure glad I ran into a grownup.
It'll work out reaI nice.
- You can be my hostage.
- CooI!
I can only be your hostage till tomorrow.
I have church in the morning.
You ain't going to church.
You and me are catching the midnight train
out of here.
We better stop at my house first.
I have to tell my mom and dad...
...or else they'll worry.
And I must get clean underwear
and my camera...
...and tell my parents to feed my fish...
...some sun block...
...and vitamins and stuff to play with
on the train so I don't get bored.
Put a cork in it.
You're giving me a headache.
I don't have a cork.
Shut your mouth!
I can't because my nose is stuffy
because of my allergies.
If I shut my mouth, I can't breathe good.
Then keep your mouth open, but don't talk!
Where do you put the cork
when you put a cork in it?
Didn't I ask you to shut your yap?
What's a yap?
It's your mouth.
I can't shut my mouth
because my nose is stuffy.
Shut up!
I have one more question.
What does a hostage have to do?
How come you need one?
In case the cops show up.
Do I get to use a gun?
You get to stand in front of me
if the cops use a gun.
I've got a slingshot.
I'm a good shot. Want to see?
Excuse me, mister. Do you want to see?
Mister, can you watch me for a minute?
I'll tell you when to look.
Your fire's getting puny.
When my dad's fire gets puny,
he wiggles it around and it gets bigger.
I'm sorry
you're not having a very fun camping trip.
Nobody shoots a marble at my head...
...and sets my pants on fire.
That was an accident.
There ain't going to be no more accidents!
Turn around!
You're doing it wrong.
Get lost.
I tied up lots of guys in my life.
I bet you've never tied up a 5-year-old.
I'll just get out.
I'll tie it so tight
you won't be able to move.
The rope's too big and my legs are
too small to make it tight enough.
There's only one way to do it
and I know because...
...many people have tried to tie me up
but it doesn't work.
But you try your way.
I'll get out
and you'll just have to keep doing it.
What do you do differently?
First, you must tie up each leg by itself.
Then you tie them together.
No matter how much I wiggle,
I can't ever get out.
If you really don't want me to move at all...
Bend down.
You can't get out of that at all, right?
You tie me up like that, no matter
how much I try, I can't ever get out.
- Now let me loose.
- Okay.
Get the handcuff key.
- Where is it?
- On my bag.
I'm going to kill you.
How? You can't move. Open up.
I ain'
Несносный Деннис Несносный Деннис

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