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...in all your prosperous communities!
Over in Cheyenne!
But you won't find them
in the town of Big Whiskey.
Hurry up!
Know what to say to Little Bill?
Look sharp for that lone pine.
Miss the pine, you won't find it.
Not the shirt! Put the fucking boots on!
What are we going to do about Will?
Come on!
Let's hope them horses are still there!
Let the man out, W.W.
He's desiring to leave the hospitality
of Big Whiskey behind him.
Easy. She's got to work.
She's got to turn $1 a time!
How come they lit out the back window?
On account of they seen you beating
on their friend.
They just come for the billiards, honest.
They just passing through here?
Going to Fort Buford.
You kicked the shit out of an innocent man.
Innocent of what?
Jesus. Will.
Jesus. You done this before?
Plenty of times.
His pistol must've jammed.
Bring that candle in a little closer.
I can't see.
He wouldn't take no beating like that
if it hadn't jammed.
He wouldn't give it over
and not shoot no one.
He don't look so good.
He didn't even pull his pistol?
He ain't as tough as you, Kid.
At least I'd have pulled my pistol.
You did!
Out of the lady
and out the goddamn window!
- That was your idea! I wanted to-
- We gotta go.
Already? Darling, I'm near ready
for another advance.
- You'll use it all up.
- No more advances on what you ain't done.
we're just waiting on this weather to clear!
We'll need more food!
Three days' worth.
Three days?
- We could kill them tomorrow.
- I don't kill nobody without him.
We don't need him!
The two of us could do it.
Besides, he ain't nothing
but a broken-down pig farmer.
One of us'll bring food in the morning!
We'll bring whiskey, too.
And some medicine if you got any!
Don't it make you sick
hearing him like that?
Don't you ladies worry none!
Me and Ned will kill
them two sons of bitches for you!
Claudia's not here.
Is that you, Ned?
I've seen him, Ned.
I've seen the Angel of Death.
I seen the river, Ned.
He's got snake eyes.
Who's got snake eyes?
The Angel of Death.
Ned, I'm scared of dying.
Easy, partner.
I seen Claudia, too.
That's good you saw Claudia, ain't it?
Her face was all covered with worms.
Ned, I'm scared.
I'm dying.
No, don't tell nobody.
Don't tell my kids...
...none of the things I did. Hear me?
All right.
He's gonna die, ain't he?
Supposing he does?
We'll bury him.
That ain't what I mean.
You mean,
will I help you kill them cowboys?
I can't spot them myself.
But you could.
That big bastard?
You could spot him a half-mile off.
And if I spot him?
Then I ride up close and shoot him.
Just like that?
I'm a damn killer. I done it before.
I'm more of a killer than he is, anyhow.
I thought you was an angel.
You ain't dead.
Some big fellow...
...really kicked the hell out of me.
I must look kind of like you now.
You don't look nothing like me, mister.
No offense meant.
You gotta be the one those cowboys cut up.
My partners, Ned and that Kid...
...they around?
They went out scouting
when they saw your fever broke.
Out to the Bar T...
...looking for them.
How long I been here?
Three days.
Are you hungry or....
Three days?
I ought to be.I thought I was gone.
I wouldn't normally pay no notice
to high country like this.
Trees. But I'm sure noticing now.
Thought I was dying for sure.
I brought your hat.
You left it down at Greely's.
That sheriff...
...still looking for me?
Little Bill?
No, he thinks you went south.
Are you really going to kill them cowboys?
I guess.
Still a payment coming, isn't there?
Them other two, your friends...
...they been taking advances
on the payment.
Free ones.
Free ones?
Alice and Silky been giving them free ones.
I see.
Would you like a free one?
I guess not.
I didn't mean with me. I meant...
...Alice and Silky would be happy

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