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Meantime, Bob here...
...he's aiming real good
and squeezes off another...
...but he misses,
'cause he's still so damn drunk!
He hits this $1,000 mirror over the bar.
The Duck of Death is as good as dead...
...because Corky does it right.
He aims real careful.
No hurry....
The Walker Colt blew up in his hand...
...which was a failing
common to that model.
If old Corky had had two guns
instead of just a big dick...
...he would've been there to the end
to defend himself.
Wait a minute.
English Bob killed him
when he didn't even have....
Bob wasn't going to wait for
Corky to grow a new hand.
No, he just walked over there real slow...
...'cause he's drunk...
...and shot him right through the liver.
I don't like rocks on my dad-gum back.
- I sure do miss my bed.
- You said that last night.
Last night I said I missed my wife.
Tonight I just miss my dad-gum bed!
You'll miss your dad-gum roof here
in a while, I suppose.
Say, Will?
That business up in Jackson County...
...that really happen?
I mean the way they say it happened?
What business?
On how there's two deputies up close,
pointing their rifles right at you.
Got you dead to rights.
You pulled out your pistol
and blew them both to hell.
Only took a scratch yourself.
Uncle Pete says he never seen nothing like
it, shooting your way out of that scrape.
Well, I don't recollect.
You don't recollect?
That's right.
Say, Ned...
...how many men you kill?
Ain't you going to answer the question?
What the hell's that to you?
I got to know what kind of fellow
I'm riding with, case we get into a scrape.
How many men you killed, Kid?
How many?
I done killed five of them.
That's including a Mexican
who come at me with a knife.
Why don't you shut up? Get some rest.
You boys are
as crotchety as a couple of old hens.
...Mr. Corcoran was faster on the draw
than the Duck....
Than English Bob?
Faster was his mistake.
If he hadn't rushed,
he wouldn't have shot himself in the toe.
He would've killed old Bob.
Look, son.
Being a good shot,
and being quick with a pistol...
...don't do no harm, but it don't mean much
next to being cool-headed.
A man who'll keep his head,
not get rattled under fire...
...like as not he'll kill you.
But if the other fellow is quicker-
Then he'll be hurrying and he'll miss.
Look here.
That's about as fast as I can draw, aim
and hit anything more than 10 feet away.
'Less it's a barn.
But if he doesn't miss?
He'll kill you.
That's why there's so few
dangerous men around like old Bob.
Like me.
It ain't so easy to shoot a man,
especially if he's shooting back.
That'll just flat rattle some folks.
- Let me show you something.
- Just a minute.
Look here.
Take that.
Take it.
There's the key.
All you gotta do is shoot me...
...and you and Bob can just ride on
out of here, free as birds.
- Is it loaded?
- Wouldn't do any good if it wasn't.
First, you've got to cock it.
Go on, cock it.
Now you gotta point it.
Go on. Point it.
Now all you gotta do is pull the trigger,
Hot, ain't it?
Your finger wasn't even on the trigger.
What if....
What if I gave it to him?
Give it to him.
You don't really want me-
Give it to him.
I guess he don't want it, Mr. Beauchamp.
You were right not to take it, Bob.
I would have killed you.
We could use some rain.
You stupid, goddamn, pig-fucking whore!
Sorry, horse.
I brung this along
for when we kill them fellows.
Figured we could use some now.
Not me. I don't touch it no more.
Come on, Will. It's raining.
I know it's raining! Give some to the Kid.
You think that Kid really killed five men?
When you talked of the time them deputies
had the drop on you and Pete...
...I remember there was
three men you shot, not two.
I ain't like that no more, Ned!
I ain't no crazy killing fool.
Still think it's gonna be easy
to kill them cowboys?
If we don't drown first.

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