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You said if I changed my mind-
Wasn't nothing said about no partner.
This here's Ned Logan.
This here's the Schofield Kid,
nephew to Pete Sothow.
I seen two fellows following me.
My guess is you come to kill me.
We never talked about no other fellow.
There's two cowboys. Better there's
three of us, if they got friends.
I can take care of them two cowboys
myself. It don't take three.
Ned's an awful good shot with a rifle.
Hit a bird in the eye flying.
Better than you, anyhow.
- You wasn't even coming close.
- Get your hands off my rifle.
Thought I'd check it for you.
Thought maybe something was bent.
It ain't bent.
You were shooting all over creation!
You'll share your half with him?
I figured three ways.
You figured wrong.
Sorry I wasted your time, Ned.
You going back with him?
He's my partner.
He don't go, I don't go.
What's it come to, three ways?
What the hell are you pissing on about?
What are you looking at?
Looking at?
Clouds, Kid.
He's looking at them clouds
on account of we got a storm coming.
Hell, I seen them.
You was smart to change your mind.
I'm a real good shot with this rifle.
See that hawk?
I could hit it with one shot.
Hell, I could hit it, too,
if I didn't mind wasting a shot.
There ain't no hawk, Kid.
You can't see for shit, can you?
See your canteen?
How far can you see?
Far enough.
- We ain't going to shoot canteens!
- How far? 100 yards?
- Can you see that scrub oak yonder?
- Fuck you.
- He's blind, Will!
- I ain't blind, you asshole!
Hold it!
How far can you see, Kid? 50 yards?
You bet your ass I can see 50 yards, Will.
I can see well enough to shoot
this son of a bitch in front of me.
Hold on.
Hear that, Ned?
Kid can see 50 yards. Fine.
50 yards'll do just fine. Now let's move out.
They look like real hard cases, Bob.
Did you kill all seven of them dead?
Or did you just wing some of them?
That is you there embalmed on the cover?
The Duck of Death?
The Duke.
The Duke of Death.
You always were a genius with a pistol,
but seven of them? Boy!
Protecting that woman and all that.
How the hell do you do that?
It's generally considered desirable in
the publishing business to take a certain...
...liberty when you're depicting
the cover scene...
...for reasons involving the marketplace.
From what I read, the writing's
not that much different than the picture.
I can assure you, Mr. Daggett...
...that the events described are taken
from the accounts of eyewitnesses.
- Eyewitnesses?
- Yes, sir.
Like the Duck himself, I guess.
The Duke.
Duck, I says.
"'You have insulted the honor
of this beautiful woman, Corcoran'...
"... said the Duck.
"'You must apologize. '
"But Two-Gun Corcoran
would have none of it.
"And cursing, he reached for his pistols
and would have killed him...
"... but the Duck was faster and hot lead
blazed from his smoking six-guns. "
See, I consider that to be
an accurate depiction of events.
There is a certain poetry to the language
which I couldn't resist.
I was in the Blue Bottle Saloon in Wichita...
...the night that English Bob
killed Corky Corcoran.
I didn't see you there.
Nor no woman.
Nor two-gun shooters.
Nor none of this.
- You were there?
- Yeah, I was there.
First off...
...Corky never carried two guns,
though he should have.
He was called Two-Gun Corcoran.
A lot of folks did call him Two-Gun.
But not because
he was sporting two pistols.
Because he had a dick that was so big...
...it was longer than the barrel
on his Walker Colt.
The only insulting he ever did
was stick that thing of his...
...into a French lady
English Bob was kind of sweet on.
The night that Corky walked
into the Blue Bottle...
...before he knows what's happening,
Bob takes a shot at him!
And misses, 'cause he's damn drunk.
That bullet whizzing by panicked Corky,
and he did the wrong thing.
He went for his gun in such a hurry,
he shot his toe.

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