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And if I ever wanted a partner for a killing...
...you were the worst one.
Meaning the best.
On account as you're as cold as the snow...
...and you don't have
no weak nerve nor fear.
Pete said that?
Yeah, he did.
I'm a damn killer myself,
except I ain't killed as many as you...
...because of my youth.
Schofield Kid, they call me.
You from Schofield?
No, it's on account of my...
...Schofield model Smith & Wesson pistol.
How about it, Will?
How about what?
How about being my partner?
I'm heading up north
in through Niobrara up to Wyoming.
Gonna kill a couple of no-good cowboys.
For what?
For cutting up a lady.
They cut up her face.
Cut her eyes out, cut her ears off.
Hell, they even cut her teats.
$1,000 reward, Will.
$500 apiece.
Pa, I can't move those damn pigs!
Watch your cussing now, will you?
Do the best you can with it.
Go to the pump and get cleaned up.
Come on.
I ain't like that anymore, Kid.
It was whiskey done it
as much as anything else.
I ain't had a drop in over 10 years.
My wife, she...
...cured me of that...
...cured me of drink and...
Well, you don't look so prosperous.
Hell, you could buy her
a new dress with your half.
We could kill them two.
You could buy your wife a fancy-
She's passed on.
Been gone near three years now.
Don't tell anyone about the reward. I don't
need no other gunman trying to collect.
We don't see no one out here.
If you change your mind,
maybe you could catch me.
I'll be riding due west for the Western Trail
headed north into Wyoming.
Come on, let's separate those hogs.
Two of them others...
...I think they got the fever.
Took you boys a while.
A couple more days
and I was going to call on the sheriff.
How about that?
The river was all swelled up.
Couldn't cross it.
I bet.
Sleepy, get them horses on the livery.
Neil, take that one over around the back.
Now here's a beauty.
You got two of mine.
This one here ain't yours.
We'll see about that.
Bastards! Get out of town!
Get out of here!
You are very sick sons of bitches!
Don't come back, butcher!
This here pony...
...I brung for the lady,
the one my partner cut.
She's the best of the lot.
Better than the ones I gave him.
She can sell her...
...or do what she wants.
A pony?
She ain't got no face left.
You're gonna give her a mangy pony?
She ain't mangy, ma'am!
Get out of here!
We don't need your goddamn charity!
Get out of our town and don't come back!
Get out of our town!
Did Pa use to kill folks?
Penny, I could tell your ma
liked those flowers I gave her.
She ain't hardly a saddle horse no more, Pa.
She ain't used to the feel.
You take care of your sister now, son.
Kill a few chickens if you have to,
and keep the hogs with the fever separate.
If you have any problem,
you go see Sally Two Trees at Ned Logan's.
Ain't hardly been in the saddle myself
in a while.
This horse is getting even with me
for the sins of my youth.
In my youth,
before I met your dear departed ma...
...I used to be weak
and given to mistreating animals.
This horse and those hogs over there...
...are getting even with me
for the cruelty that I inflicted.
I used to be able to cuss
and whip a horse like this...
...but your ma, rest her soul,
showed me the error of my ways.
I'll be back in a couple of weeks.
Remember how the spirit of your dear
departed ma watches over you.
- Where'd you get that money?
- We ain't got any money!
- You told them cowboys you had!
- We was lying!
What will you do
when somebody comes to collect?
You gonna hump them?
You gonna hump them a thousand times?
The kind of people that come after $1,000
won't tolerate you not having it!
They won't just cut up your face a little!
You stupid bitches.
You stupid bitches.
Damn it! Jesus!
Get your finger?
Hello, Skinny.
Man, you snuck up on me.
What do you think of her?
I heard you done the roof yourself.

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