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out on you.
Ned's share?
He went south. We'll catch up to him.
He's dead.
What do you mean he's dead?
He went south yesterday. He ain't dead.
They killed him. I thought you knew that.
Nobody killed Ned!
He didn't kill anyone, he went south!
Why would anybody kill Ned?
Who killed him?
Little Bill.
The Bar T boys caught him. Little Bill...
...beat him up.
He was making him answer questions
and beating him up. Then Ned just died.
They got a sign on him, says he was a killer.
They got a sign on him?
In front of Greely's.
A sign on him in front of Greely's!
These questions Little Bill was asking...
...what kind were they?
About where you and him was.
Then what?
A cowboy come in saying you killed
Quick Mike in the shithouse at the Bar T.
So, Little Bill killed him for what we done?
Not on purpose.
But he started hurting him worse.
Making him tell stuff.
First, Ned wouldn't say nothing.
Then Little Bill hurt him so bad,
he said who you was.
He said how you was really
William Munny out of Missouri.
Little Bill said, "The same William Munny...
"... who dynamited the Rock Island and
Pacific in '69, killing women and children?"
Ned said you done a lot worse than that.
Said you was...
...more cold-blooded than William Bonney.
And how if he hurt Ned again,
you was gonna come kill him...
...like you killed the U.S. marshal in '70.
That didn't scare Little Bill, did it?
No, sir.
Give me your Schofield.
What for?
- Give it to me.
- Sure.
You keep it.
I'm never gonna use it again.
I won't kill nobody no more.
I ain't like you, Will.
You better ride on back, miss.
Keep all of it. It's yours.
What about the spectacles
and fancy clothes?
I guess I'd rather be blind
and ragged than dead.
You don't have to worry, Kid.
I ain't going to kill you.
You're the only friend I got.
Take this money and give my half...
...and Ned's half to my kids.
Tell them if I ain't back in a week,
to give half to Sally Two Trees.
You keep the rest. Get them spectacles.
You're gonna kill Little Bill, ain't you?
You stay clear of folks you see.
Be a lot of them out to hang you.
Get going.
I'm gonna say this just one more time,
so don't ask me again!
Those on the posse today got one drink
coming from the county budget!
And those who rode yesterday
get one drink for that, too.
Hold it!
That's two!
After that, it comes out of your own pocket!
Hear me, Skinny?
We'll pull out early in the morning.
We'll chase these fellows clear to Texas,
so don't spend too much money.
We're gonna divide up into four parties!
We'll hit all the farms and trails...
...to make a big circle.
We're bound to come across somebody...
...who's seen these skunks.
Who's the fellow who owns this shithole?
You, fat man.
Speak up.
I own this establishment.
I bought it from Greely for $1,000.
You better clear out of there.
Just hold it right there!
Sir, you are a cowardly son of a bitch!
You just shot an unarmed man.
He should've armed himself if he's gonna
decorate his saloon with my friend.
You'd be William Munny out of Missouri...
...killer of women and children.
That's right.
I've killed women and children.
I killed just about everything that walked
or crawled at one time or another.
And I'm here to kill you, Little Bill.
For what you did to Ned.
You boys better move away.
...he's got one barrel left.
When he fires that, take out your pistols...
...and shoot him down
like the mangy scoundrel he is!
Misfire! Kill the son of a bitch!
Any man don't want to get killed,
better clear on out the back.
I'm shot! I've been shot!
You ain't shot.
I don't have a gun. I am not armed.
Pick up that rifle.
Pick it up.
Shells, too.
You killed Little Bill.
Sure you ain't armed?
I'm not. I don't have a gun.
I've never had a gun. I write. I'm a writer!
A writer?
- Letters and such?
- Books.
I don't believe it, you killed five men.
That's a Spencer rifle, right?

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