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Murdering whores!
He had it coming...
...for what he done.
And the other one, too!
Both of them for what they done!
We got one!
We got one, Sheriff! Out by Cow Creek!
Is he alive?
Yeah! Bunch of us boys
from Bar T went out looking...
...on account of them killed one of our own.
Come across this son of a bitch
on a roan heading south.
He admit it?
No. But I guess he will soon enough.
Had a Spencer rifle on him.
Those cowboys messing him up?
A little bit, I guess.
Get out there. See if you can find out
what happened to those other two fellows!
See anything out there, Buck?
Hell, yes!
Seen about 200 fellows packing rifles.
Got the place surrounded.
Say they want Quick Mike's ass.
I said, "How much?" They says,
"About five. " I said, "Dollars?"
They said, "Cents. "
I said, "Sold. "
Well, I ain't worried!
'Cause I got me some protection.
- Tell you where them others is?
- Nope.
Given any names?
Didn't tell us nothing but his own name,
Ned Roundtree.
Bring him in.
You'll want to tell me
and Mr. Beauchamp here...
...all about your two villainous friends.
I'll want the names and whereabouts
of those murderous sons of bitches.
Sure is ripe.
Going to get a lot riper.
Think he's still in there?
He's in there.
He's holding on to his shit
like it was money.
He's in there.
Tell me right off if you see him.
You ain't gonna shoot him yourself,
are you?
You can shoot him.
You, Mr. Quincy and....
What was the young fellow's name?
Elroy Tate.
No, that's not what you said.
Hell if it ain't.
No, you said:
"Elroy Quincy out of Medicine Hat and...
"... Henry Tate out of Cheyenne. "
Hell if I did.
Hell if I did.
Go get them whores that fucked these boys
the night of the storm.
Strawberry Alice and Silky?
Go on and get them!
Them whores will tell
different lies than you.
And when their lies
ain't the same as your lies....
I ain't gonna hurt no woman.
But I'm gonna hurt you.
Not gentle like before...
...but bad.
Where you going?
- Out to the shithouse.
- Let me finish this hand.
You gonna protect me while I take a dump?
- You'll get bushwhacked.
- I'll fart on them.
- I'll go with him.
- You can wipe my ass, Thirsty.
Hell with him.
The man ain't polite, he ought to get shot.
Is that him?
Yeah, that's him.
Go get him. He's all yours.
Shoot them!
Come on, goddamn it!
- Get him?
- Yeah.
Cover me.
- I can't see them!
- Just shoot!
Get him!
Was that what it was like in the old days?
Everybody riding out, shooting...
...smoke all over the place, folks yelling,
bullets whizzing by?
I guess so.
Shit, I thought they was gonna get us.
I was even scared a little.
Just for a minute.
Was you ever scared in them days?
I can't remember.
I was drunk most of the time.
I shot that fucker three times!
Taking a shit, he went for his pistol,
and I blazed away.
First shot...
...I got him right in the chest.
- Say, Will.
- Yeah?
That was the first one.
First one what?
First one I ever killed.
You know how I said I shot five men?
It weren't true.
That Mexican who come at me
with a knife...
...I just busted his leg with a shovel.
I didn't kill him or nothing.
You sure killed the hell
out of that fellow today.
Hell, yeah!
I killed the hell out of him, didn't I?
Three shots while he was taking a shit....
Take a drink.
It don't seem real.
How he ain't gonna
never breathe again, ever.
How he's dead.
And the other one, too.
All on account of pulling a trigger.
It's a hell of a thing, killing a man.
You take away all he's got...
...and all he's ever gonna have.
I guess they had it coming.
We all have it coming, Kid.
I was watching you.
Seeing you weren't followed.
Silky and Faith rode off to the east
and two deputies is following them.
Want to help me count this stuff, Kid?
- I trust you.
- Don't go trusting me too much.
In fact, we'll give Ned his share together.
That way you'll know
I ain't holding


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