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give you a free one...
...if you wanted one.
That's all I meant.
I didn't mean I didn't want a free one
on account of you being cut up.
What I said the other day about
you looking like me, that ain't true.
You ain't ugly like me.
It's just that we both have got scars.
You're a beautiful woman
and if I was to want a free one...
...I'd want it with you, I guess,
more than them other two.
It's just that...
...I can't on account of my wife.
Your wife?
Yeah. You see....
I admire you for that...
...for being true to your wife.
I've known a lot of men...
...who weren't.
I suppose.
Is she back in Kansas?
She's watching over my young ones.
Hang on!
Get the damn iron!
Jesus, fella.
Jesus, boys, my leg's broke!
I'm pinned, boys!
Better finish him.
He ain't dead? You didn't get him?
He got the boy's horse.
Better finish him before he gets clear.
Get behind them rocks.
Get over there!
What happened? He ain't killed?
What's going on?
He gets in those rocks,
we ain't gonna get him.
- Unless we go down there.
- What rocks?
Why don't you shoot? What's going on?
Ain't you gonna shoot?
I ain't very good with one of these.
Keep going, Davey! The rocks!
Get him?
Where is he?
How many more shots do I have?
Ned, goddamn it,
how many more shots do I have?
Go, Davey!
Did you get him?
Here, reload this.
- You missed him.
- I got him.
He ain't killed.
Maybe, maybe not.
Got him through the gut, I think.
You think he's gonna die?
You think we killed him?
He shot me.
We killed him...
...I guess.
I'm dying, boys!
Then you shouldn't have cut up no woman,
you asshole!
Jesus, I'm so thirsty.
Give me some water, please!
Please, Slim!
I'm bleeding, Slim!
Give him a drink of water, goddamn it!
Give me a drink of water, would you, Slim?
Will you give him a drink of water,
for Christ's sake? We ain't gonna shoot!
- You ain't gonna shoot?
- No.
Hold on, Davey-boy!
Here I come now!
Don't you shoot me, you bastards!
- They take him water?
- Yeah.
Jesus, Johnny! They shot him!
Hold on now!
You murdering bastards!
You killed our Davey-boy!
When are we gonna double back?
After a ways.
Not me.
I'm heading on back down to Kansas.
We gotta kill the other one first.
With any luck, we'll find him
by nightfall or in the morning.
Then we can shoot him
and head on back with the money.
Want the Spencer?
This ain't no time to quit.
- You'll lose your share, Ned.
- Shut up!
I'll see you, Will. So long, Kid.
I ain't no good with that damn thing,
Me and the Kid'll go over to that ranch and,
when we find him, we'll shoot him.
We'll meet up with you, pick up our money,
and all head south together.
Suppose he don't go back to the ranch?
He ain't going into town.
He won't stay out in the open country.
He'll hole up at that ranch.
I ain't waiting.
I'll look in on your young ones.
Don't pay no attention
to what the Kid said about the money.
I'll bring your share.
Kid's full of shit.
Just doing some repairs up here.
They killed one of them cowboys.
Parsons said he saw three men,
right after sun-up, headed out east.
One was on a dun
and another was on a flea-bitten gray.
He didn't know what the third one was on,
could've been an appaloosa...
...because he was looking into the sun.
Amos says to ask if the county's going
to pay for feed for all the horses or not.
Witherspoon says he won't sell us
no more.30-30 shells without we pay.
Hell, use my dogs.
Then the county's gotta take responsibility.
Don't worry. You get out there to the Bar T
and make sure that other cowboy...
...stays put and don't expose himself,
you hear?
I didn't think they'd really do it.
Think they come clear up
from Kansas to fuck us?
But that Kid, he's just a boy.
And the other one...
...Will, the nice one,
being so true to his wife....
Wife? He ain't got no wife.
- Yes, he does. He said-
- He ain't got no wife.
Not above ground, anyways.

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