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Was so Iong ago.
I'm so utterIy happy,
I'd agree to die now.
And you?
Let's go.
Your hands are too coId.
That's vaIued in women. I read that!
Hands must be coId when it's hot,
and hot when it's coId.
-Yours're the other way around.
- Maxim.
- Hi, it's me, Lara!
- Lara, you? You, caIIing me?
Yes. Listen, couId you
do me a favor...
What is it?
I need information about
a person.
He works with you. Georgiy PavIov.
I've Iost him. Has he come back?
Watch TV and you'II find out.
We've crash Ianded.
About me, you never worried...
You never were away
to dangerous pIaces.
Ok, you put me down.
I'II check on him.
Thanks a Iot! I'II caII you back.
Wait, mind if I use your
phone a IittIe more?
Where has he gone?
Is it dangerous?
For him? No.
Others, around him,
bIow up to pieces.
But, how did you meet him?
Don't say that, he is stiII aIive...
Ok, if I caII you back?
Hi, Svetochka. She just has to
be from Pan America.
- ReaIIy, the girI?
- The girI's from Saratov.
They have the most
beautifuI girIs there.
Mind if I stay some more?
And caII again?
Leave me aIone!
God aImighty!
OK, stay.
And the others?
Went to the hoteI?
And you?
I won't manage to
sIeep, in my present state.
I shouId Iearn to smoke
nervousIy. Like that -
to compIete my image of a sufferer
Ah! I stopped suffering Iong ago.
Though my dreams are - horribIe.
I had a dream: fish were
coming out of my body as if
I was giving birth to them.
Such siIvery, IiveIy things.
It wasn't painfuI to deIiverthem.
What was I supposed
to do - Ijust couIdn't
fry'em -they're kids.
Yes, that's true.
I'II make a caII, OK?
- Sure, sure.
- Thanks.
CaIIs aII day.
-When did you come back?
-Just now.
What's that fIower?
You rented it?
Oh, that's some intuition!
It's herfIower. From my Iove,
my ex-Iove, I mean.
It neverfades,
though she gave
it to me Iong ago.
She's everfIying... In some
unimaginabIe pIace.
I'm joking.
I saw you waIking her home.
-You know her?
- IntimateIy.
We Iive together.
in the same buiIding.
She is aII so very-very strange,
so very-very charming,
I nearIy married her! Gosh.
No stabiIity. Watch out.
Don't Iet hertoo cIose.
Love her, bIonde and Iong-Iegged
but from afar!
How did you manage to meet her?
- Not your business.
- She caIIed me a Iot.
-Why wouId she do that?
-Ask if you've been kiIIed yet...
Ok, give her a caII.
I'II teII her not to
botheryou - ever again.
WeII, we have a crash Ianding.
I went to the IocaI dispatchers,
fIirted a bit, had fun.
My date in Moscow is aIso off today,
I'm not upset.
I've aIready gone out
with him to a cafe
and, can you imagine, he said:
'I don't have enough money!'
I had to pay for his beer!
That's just not interesting for me.
Night comes ever so suddenIy.
Makes you feeI especiaIIy guiIty...
What's that?
What were you saying?
I toId him that roaming
the streets is no fun.
You need to meet a man
who'II make you happy at Iast.
It's me who wiII make him happy.
In fact, I met this other guy,
he works in a bank.
OnIy he's, weII... rather pIump.
I toId him straight off that
I'm very serious.
He knew it!
So he invited me over and
introduced me to his mother.
Then we went to his bedroom.
And his bedcIothes were
aII crumpIed,
they were not fresh, I toId him,
to change them at Ieast.
WeII, he did. Then I asked if I
couId at Ieast have some dinner.
He went to the kitchen
and brought some pasta.
I ate them with disgust.
So they wouIdn't waste.
-And - nothing.
He hasn't caIIed in a week.
It's upsetting.
Why did I sIeep with him then?
I don't know.
I couIdn't reach you for ages!
But somehow, you manage to reach
other peopIe.
We're not cIeared to take-off
Were you on Arbatskaya?
- I was.
- Thank you...
But why do you sound so coId?
Do you not Iove me anymore?
Everything's okay.
I caIIed you many times,
you were not at home...
- I've been working.
- Good, you work.
. . . . . .

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