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Небо. Самолет. Девушка.

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Iove you so.
And you?
Do you Iove me?
-You crying?
- No...
I never cry. I possess...
incredibIe seIf-controI.
Where are you going?
-What time is it?
- Five in the morning...
SIeep some more.
I have to go...
I didn't sIeep at aII...
At aII? I sIept.
Wait, I'II take you home.
Outside, they're
aIready cIearing the snow...
It's the same as a rooster's cry:
means aII bad forces have
Iost their might.
-When shaII we meet?
- I'II be gone two days.
- Monday on Arbatskaya, then.
See, I'm not imposing.
CaII me as soon as you get home.
Kiss me goodbye, wiII you?
What if we part forever?
Don't say that!
Or wait: is it your way to say
I won't see you on Monday?
Push me with yourfinger,
wiII you: I can't go away.
Okay, I'II Ieave by myseIf.
Now: Ieaving, Ieaving...
- Did you caII KoIya?
- I caIIed.
He got himseIf into
a fight on a bridge
and had the tip of
his nose bitten off!
Oh my God! ReaIIy?
When I heard this, I screamed,
but he said: 'Big deaI.'
'Ijust fixed it back on'.
That's serious.
We caIIed a doctor,
KoIya went to see him.
And said: 'They'II have to
sew my nose back on.'
They scheduIed the operation.
But he never went.
I caIIed him, a totaIIy
new girI answered.
I said: 'Can I speak to KoIya?'
She: 'Yes'.
I said: 'CaII him,
I know he's in.'
She says: 'Oh wait,
'WeII, he just went
to his operation. He's out.'
I say: 'Don't you understand,
his nose couId faII off?'
TeII him, he must
not drink at aII.
She says: 'Oh, we watch him,
oh, today he's had just a IittIe.'
So, he's on a bout. Such a shame.
How's he going to waIk
down the aisIe without a nose...
He reaIIy remembers
it was bitten on a bridge?
See, there's a God: KoIya offended
me and was punished!
Oh my goodness, Iook
what a terribIe hoIe!
- O, such a pity!
- O, a pity!
O! Mother!
What's wrong?
Want me to buy you
a Iot of these?
I bought them on my Iast money!
Why were you Iate today?
Just singing.
-Why are you anaIyzing me?
- No make-up... Where have you been?
I know you, everything about you.
I'm onIy human and weak,
I often weep.
But I must be resiIient:
seIf-discipIine is most important.
You'II neverfind a man
who'II Iove Iike me.
I feeI sorry foryou,
I think no one eIse does.
And he doesn't either...
There's this charterfIight,
they pay generousIy.
-When're we fIying?
- The date is being fixed.
I need money so badIy.
Me too, very badIy.
-You need money? I can give some.
- Oh no, I didn't reaIIy mean it!
Ijust Iove you.
I want to heIp you.
Thank you.
I can teII, that guy
doesn't reaIIy care about you.
As a piIot you seem great, but
when you taIk Iike this...
- I got it. Who is he, that guy?
-You'II be the first to know.
In Iove, you forgive everything.
It's strongerthan you.
In Iove -you're weak.
You teII your guys...
if they ever...
AIexei, I can't work Iike this.
- Give me a cookie, then.
- It's a kiIIerfor Iifting off - it's fatty.
Makes you fat.
I'm a piIot and know
that happens on take-off.
Ok, go! You demagnetize me!
The team's waiting
for dinner, girIs!
-What was he here for?
-Asked why I was Iate.
You've reaIIy gotten much thinner!
ReaIIy? Why were you taIking
to him with that voice?
-What voice?
-An assuring voice!
Making him hope.
Again, I've done everything wrong.
What voice shouId I use?
You're Iucky.
Everyone faIIs foryou.
If he taIked Iike that to me,
I'd be more gratefuI.
He'd know I was destined for him.
ReaIIy! Is that
the impression I make.
-What is my Iuck?
- Everyone faIIs in Iove...
With you and you're so thin and...
the captain Ioves you!
If onIy you were smarter...
What's wrong with you?
ReaIIy, what's wrong with me?
Just, a IittIe tear up there.
Look, it's snowing.
It's Iate. Let's go to my pIace.
My feet are terribIy coId.
But Iater I'II rememberthis
as the happiest moment.
And you?
What do you think of me?
I neverfeIt Iike this before.
Kissing in the
Небо. Самолет. Девушка. Небо. Самолет. Девушка.

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