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the soonest train.
What do you think?
There can be no doubt:
we'll send a memorandum today.
Maybe we omitted something.
We've huge economy
on our hands,
you can't catch up with
We'll say
it's an opportune criticism,
Are you serious?
They don't care for
your Lopatkin.
With no Lopatkin,
it would be someone else.
Did you read Malenkov's address
at the pace-makers' congress?
There's something about
in science and engineering there,
about suppressing innovators.
'Pravda' would hit the point
by publishing that article.
And we shall land
as scapegoats.
No way.
That Lopatkin...
Where is he now?
Where is his high trajectory
fire coming from?
We know, approximately.
find him.
Then l'll take care of him.
We'll talk to the minister.
So, your project has been
shelved for five years?
Excuse me, Afanasy
Lopatkin had
quite a different project then.
And we voiced our
principal objections.
But from that bad project
you took ideas for your machine
in Muzga.
Great for you, you're
a nice inventor.
Like a lion, protecting
her whelp.
You're being ignoble
with your competitor.
Looking across his shoulder.
As for procrastination
with that new project,
we haven't even
seen or discussed it.
But l saw it. And l liked it.
Though, not everything
is clear to me.
- Permission to speak?
- Go ahead.
ln fact it's a third version.
What makes it high-profile -
you can produce two-layer tubes,
with an acid-resistant
layer, for chemical industry.
This machine has no analogues here
or elsewhere abroad.
That's why you have
one more batcher here.
Yes, on a continuous basis.
ls this unit of rollers
good enough for the safe spinning
of the mould?
He is not an engineer
but an ex-teacher.
And we can correct these trifles.
Go ahead then. lt's not every day
people come
with such original ideas.
Set up a design office
at the institute.
This project is something
unprecedented in the world.
Make it top secret then.
Take him into the staff.
Go ahead.
Comrade minister, involved
in the project was also
Nadezhda Drozdova,
a technical worker
and translator.
l'd like to have her
in the group too.
ls she an engineer?
No, she's a teacher.
Some teachers that
our country goes in for.
They'll soon outdo you engineers.
l've no vacations
in our staff for her.
Make her not
on the permanent staff.
Where is my notebook?
With all my calculations,
for all versions?
All happening in one time:
you'll have a group,
you're called the best.
lt's something unreal!
You were just
lost for good news.
Justice obtained, that's what
we fought for.
You're like a child,
Nadezhda Sergeevna.
As an old cynic,
l won't fall for their trick.
lt's just a huge sweep-net
set on Dmitry Alexeevich.
lt must mean some conspiracy.
Maybe Americans are
behind all this?
lt's not funny, because
for me that would be
the most acceptable explanation.
Your note-book.
There are some flaws
in your calculations.
You'll make them straight.
Why do you keep
silent, victor?
l will skip all speculations.
l am given a chance
to work - so l should work.
The same concerns
you, colleague.
No. l've my school to teach.
You'll be granted flextime.
Of course this is the only way
for you to be grateful, but...
My reagents!
l just did everything l could
to help you.
Think about it as an excuse
to see you often.
You're being on-the-fly.
- May we come in?
- Of course.
Hi, eagles, designers.
Please meet the author.
Dmitry Lopatkin.
And... his colleague.
- Nadezhda Sergeevna.
- lvan lvanovich.
Simply Tolya.
We heard a lot about you.
You'll get along then.
And this is your working
Or we could find
another one for you.
Lots of room here.
Top-secrecy privilege.
Where are you pushing,
you thief!
- What?
- 'Thief'.
You pinched the fur coat.
Now Ganicheva wears it.
What else you gonna sell -
for your date's bouts?
- That
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