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machine can do that.
- How are they doing that?
- They aren't.
During the last four years
designers have been racking
their brains
in vain over this problem.
- So, they aren't doing this yet.
- Exactly.
ln a week their tubes
get corroded and need
We won't even have
to adapt our project.
Evgheny Ustinovich, come here.
lt'll only need a couple
of new units, and that's all.
Aren't you brilliant!
Let me kiss you.
Now, it's God's punishment
for you too.
Because you contributed
into inventing.
Which is a whirlpool...
A mysterious whirlpool,
all so enchanting,
and diabolical!
He's home.
So, you're back home?
lt's like in an anecdote:
a husband is back home,
and his wife...
What about his wife?
l heard you're being out
all the time
and the maid knows this,
and my mother.
Visiting him, aren't you?
Only it's not what
you think.
lt's not on my mind
at all.
A genius is beyond my
sinful mind.
They want adoration
and worship
and exulted devotion.
You're a grown-up woman
and he's pulling your leg.
You forget about your home,
your family
and about your own self.
lt's like joining a sect.
l could understand
if it was love.
But l love him.
- Don't you love me?
- Not anymore.
But why?
lt's a long story.
You've been getting me
into this for a year.
l see.
She lov'd him for the dangers
he had passed,
her husband was the source
of that danger.
l hope you're clever enough
not to ruin your life and
my career by a divorce.
Don't be afraid.
You didn't ask the main thing:
whether he loves me or not.
ln this case, dear
comrade Drozdova,
you are a fool.
And here's again -
to the hero of the day
who has just finished
his big work.
Here's to you, Dmitry Alexeevich!
l'm totally drunken.
What's going on with me?
lt's simple:
you are the wine itself,
that's why, a sunshine
in the vineyard.
Dmitry Alexeevich,
you eat next to nothing.
- One more helping.
- lt's an ideology with him.
According to his theory,
food for a human
is just a business necessity.
lt's not for him. He won't
appreciate that.
Look at him, a professor!
But your cause is life,
isn't it?
And business necessity
equals life necessity?
There you are!
Take this, please.
Where are you going?
l told Dmitry
three days ago
about that business
date with a certain person.
What time is it now?
Fifteen minutes to ten.
l'm being 40 minutes late.
lt's all right: l'll take the tram,
the train, l'll catch up.
He left so suddenly.
- lt's strange.
- He warned me, three days ago.
Dmitry Alexeevich.
Oh, dear...
are mine...
You are mine. l won't
give you away.
Do you hear me?
l won't
give you away.
Thank God!
Nadezhda Sergeevna...
Just tell me - yes or no?
The old hag was
seething from spite
all night long. But l knew
what it was, yes?
You're happy.
Drat that pig!
- Who is 'pig'?
- Your Leonid.
'Pig'! He is your master.
So what? A conceited pig!
And now also - a cuckold!
You're going to his place
l don't know, Shura.
Oh, Shura,
your Nadya is lost.
Lost forever.
Lest the edge crumble,
we'll cool it with air.
Over-expenditure of cast iron.
We fall short of planned capacity.
- How much is the expenditure?
- Only 2 kg per one tube.
Given mass production,
it'll cost quite a penny.
A call from 'Pravda' daily.
We put it through.
Drozdov speaking.
You needn't even introduce
yourself, comrade editor.
Lopatkin? Of course l know him.
He sent a complain to you too?
He's good at throwing dust
at people's eyes.
But l...
That is not the point...
Lopatkin's machine should be
probed by an expert commission.
Yes, comrade Pospelov.
Thanks for warning me.
Of course,
l'll look into the matter
- That creep.
- Lopatkin and his slander again?
He brought an article
to 'Pravda'.
They decided to take
some time before publishing it.
l'll have to go to Moscow.
Get one ticket to Moscow,
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