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're welcome
to try it out.
You're welcome.
- l'm sorry.
- l gave you the wrong tile.
- l didn't mean to...
- Take this one.
- No.
- Please.
lt's a natural way
for a scientist:
out of 100 solutions
to neglect 99.
- Break it.
- No.
- Beat harder.
- No.
Like this!
l like your place
very much.
l'm sure you're
wonderful scientists.
But with your experiments
you forgot about such simple
things like comfort,
and, sorry, order and cleanness.
You need a good visiting cleaner.
l offer myself as one.
No. To have you as an adornment
of this place - yes.
l'm not a picture. l'm a woman.
- This is impossible.
- Why?
lt'll be long before
l return the money.
Though, l chalked my debt up,
- you know before whom.
- l've no idea.
l'm not burdened
with chores in my house
and l promise you
never to intefere
into the sanctum of your
creative thought.
l will just protect you
like a scout,
a scout girl in your house.
He gladly agrees,
believe me an old man.
Research lnstitute of Casting,
number 23...
'To be rejected...'
Aren't they sick and tired
of writing the same thing?
They should make
a form - 'to be rejected',
just to fill in dates.
'Upon receving this, summoned
to the Prosecutor's Office'.
'Summoned to the Prosecutor's
Office, room 9,
'legal adviser Titova'.
What can this mean?
What's going on,
comrade Lopatkin?
Some people create,
promote the Russian science,
yet others dump it?
Your complaint was sent
to scientific experts
at the Central Committee.
They were uninanimous
in their decision:
slander on pure people
is not criticism.
l will brief you
on the reply letter
of this scientific group.
'lnveterate slanderer'.
'Unprecedented escapade'.
'Fake innovator'.
How do you like that?
What a smart wording.
'Seeking support
of the sovietjustice'.
We don't like such signals
at all,
we don't like them at all.
lt's your own fault,
comrade Titova.
What do you mean?
How many years have
you been at this post?
Well, say,
three years. Why?
How many people
railroading innovation
have been put to answer?
And then you make big eyes
when we are complaining.
Have you ever observed
such a spectacle:
a foreign car
parked at the curb,
shining like a magic bird
surrounded by a crowd
of our people,
enchanted, spellbound
by this shining?
Alas, yes.
When l see this, l've
a burning feeling here
as if any minute l can faint.
Avdeev, Fundator,
Volovin, Tupeikin,
they doom us to this disgrace.
You believed these
fake scientists
who destroy otherwise-minded
but we shouldn't do that:
we need such people
as we need conscience.
To encourage enemy?
Discoveres of things new
is always their enemy.
Why aren't you, Lopatkin,
a war veteran,
a champion of thought, why
are you not a Communist?
This here is anything
but a letter of credit.
All right,
let's do the following.
Take a seat over there.
Take a pen, a sheet
of paper
and word your opinion once more.
But only this time
spare us any emotions.
This is not a complaint
you're writing,
but a serious article
for some central daily,
say, 'Pravda'.
Good evening.
A husband is on a business trip,
and a wife going to parties.
- l'll tell Leonid.
- Go ahead.
lf you had a child, you
wouldn't have time for this.
You know very well
it's not my blame.
Shame on you.
lf a chick is hot, a stud...
Stop it!
And don't you dare
talk to me anymore.
l don't want to know
you ever again.
Comrade inventor...
l've got something
interesting for you.
l found fresh issues
of 'Moulding News'
at the Lenin Library.
Only those having degrees
have access to them.
l said l've a commission
from Professor Avdeev.
l was copying this and fearing
they could take it away.
A two-layer tube...
l was thinking about
something like this.
The outer layer - carbon steel,
and the inner, say -
acid resistant,
good for chemical industry.
- lt's not mentioned there.
- But it's obvious.
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