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aren't you?
Yes, in the past.
But you didn't become
an engineer,
and, excuse me,
this means
your theoretical bankruptcy.
You wanted to design
an absolutely new machine,
to randomly feel your way,
so to say.
But this is a thing
impossible in science.
No one has confronted me with
concrete arguments yet. Please do.
l wasn't here from
the very beginning,
but l know the machine and
the author.
What is better, a cannon loaded
from the barrel or a machine-gun?
- A machine-gun.
- Right you are.
This is what the author
is implying -
to introduce a cartridge belt
instead of gunners,
this belt meaning economy
and higher rate of fire, right?
- Right.
- Don't be so optimistic.
l spoke as someone who
welcomes novelty.
Now l'll speak as an engineer.
That ladle of yours:
very effective. But as for
ferrostatic head,
the spinning velocity
and the casting time...
the matter will harden
at the end of the tube,
hence - the wrong geometry
of the product.
- You're wrong!
- Don't fly into passion.
l just want to object.
- You're welcome.
- There is the centrifugal force!
The heat loss in a hot
form will be minimal.
The form inclined
and spinning,
the pouring metal will
spread along the length,
because heat removal time is
higher than the infill time.
What is your opinion?
Well, it's clear
that we're in the dark.
To build this machine
means to spend millions
on dubious experiments.
l don't want you
to think l'm at one with them,
though l tried
to fail you.
With me it's simply adrenaline
keeping a scientist
or a hunting dog warm.
You're notjust a teacher,
you're a substantial engineer,
and a dangerous debater, too.
Shall l give you a lift?
No, it's around the corner.
Good bye.
One more question:
is your machine fit
for casting solids of revolution
with cavities?
Say, of such a form.
lt depends on the configuration
of the chute.
What if we use,
say, aluminium-magnesium alloy?
All units have heat resistance
margin of safety.
Don't abandon your machines.
lt's a shame my habitat
is far away from Moscow,
but we'll meet again soon. Bye.
Bad mark for your marching.
At odds with my step.
What, Jeanette?
Nothing. l just
imagined something.
- l wanna grub!
- Take off your clothes.
- A strict teacher!
- And a just one, too.
l wanted to tell you:
our friend engaged
in a combat
at the presentation
of his project.
- And?
- They failed him.
Our luminaries are vigilant,
keeping their eyes peeled.
- Has he left?
- No way.
Writing appeals,
l've two of them already.
Where can he be now?
lt's winter!
Them inventors have
thick hides like wolves,
cold-proof. Though, l can see
everything now from my high post.
They summoned him for
their good reason.
Spun casting is being
introduced abroad.
Avdeev's machine
is unpredictable.
So they sent his minion
to nose about whether
there is anything handy
they can swipe.
Why didn't they support
He's a horsie
they can't stake on.
He's a tragic figure, doesn't
belong in socialist industry.
You mean they're building Lopatkin's
machine in Muzga now?
Not entirely,
just some details...
A chute, a batcher...
What a swinish thing
to do.
You know very well it's swinish
things and robbery going on.
Lopatkin robbed
his own self.
Fresh ideas don't agree with loners.
And prefer not marriage of love,
but marriage of convenience.
Right? l'm asking you
as a woman.
l'm a woman too.
And l'm telling you: you are wrong.
You're wrong in a most
base way!
Hey, you took offence, eh.
She is just tired and upset.
They say they'll introduce new
money. And no ration cards.
- What is so bad about the new money?
- lt'll be one ruble per ten,
and the prices
will be the same.
lf you spread rumors,
l'll send you back to Muzga.
- May l?
- No.
l'll enter, according
to our marriage certificate.
- Then l'll leave.
- Why?
l don't love you.
No. You have to love me.
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