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summoned me to Moscow.
l and uncle Peter even
danced forjoy.
l quit my teacher's job.
l went to Moscow.
l learned my project
had been shown to Avdeev.
- Academician.
- And during the discussion
he said expertly: 'it's fake'.
lf an academician
says something is fake,
the minister won't let
it be realized.
Then Avdeev came to have
a similar idea.
You mean he...
And he stole it in
such a vulgar way!
His is a method of tsar's times,
- only with no shank ladle.
- And?
l continue my work.
This here is a new,
developed version.
l sent a note to Moscow.
An invitation is pending.
The rest you heard
at the table, in your house.
You mean you don't even
get ration cards now?
They've taken a new
teacher of physics.
But, as they say, Man shall not
live by bread alone...
We rather need Whatman paper.
not ration cards.
You could turn to
the manager of the plant.
l and Dmitry were
simple-hearted enough
to turn to Drozdov for some Whatman.
He gave us two sheets, enough
only for a wall paper.
Though, now we have some Whatman.
Plus Chinese ink.
From here you're sure
to find the way.
- So, 'farewell, Muzga'.
- You received a wire?
My appointment was
approved in Moscow.
We'll have a flat there.
Leaving in three days.
- So, let's pack things.
- l want to ask you, before
- we started packing our things.
- Go ahead.
How could you,
intelligent people,
raise such a show
You mocked him as a madman,
in front of a guest from Moscow,
the whole pack of you,
especially - after he had left.
You mean that inventor?
Why do you feel so concerned?
He doesn't even
get ration cards.
He was offered to work
at Avdeev's machine,
but he's a martyr,
an elated creature,
a genius!
l don't believe
in elated creatures.
Because 'genius' has
'riff-raff' background.
l'm 'riff-raff' for him.
Yes, l'm a descendant
of riff-raff,
a laborer of a joint cause.
Don't smoke here, Lenya.
This is how l judge people,
whether they're good or
bad builders of communism.
l've the same approach
towards myself.
They sound like the plant
exploded or something...
What are you blabbering
You, nightingales, whistlers!
When did it burst?
Who was on duty?
He is laid off to hell!
How bad was the burst?
No victims? Mercy buckets!
- What happened?
- Don't call Avdeev!
lt's just work, normal
black work.
l'm coming - l can't rely
on you whistlers.
Good afternoon,comrades.
Guess whom l met yesterday?
Our Dmitry Lopatkin.
Hot tea, great.
lsn't it ridiculous
a brilliant physics teacher
renting a corner,
no bread ration cards,
only drawing, drawing
1 400 parts,
1200 proportions.
Of course l respect
his obsession.
But it's not a time
of lonely geniuses today.
You can make a difference
only in a collective.
The management not once
offered him to join a team
designing a similar machine. But
it's something inferior to him.
How do you do, colleagues.
Here is your certificate.
Good bye.
Have you come for a long
visit to Moscow?
lt depends on your
Today everything
will be clear.
Well, l wish you luck.
Thank you.
Take your seats.
Please, comrade Lopatkin...
So, the project of a machine
for spun casting.
Busko is here.
Tube-casting should be a mechanical
process, not manual.
And our machines are just
instruments of manual labor.
The physics of cast iron offers
huge opportunities:
we don't take advantage
of its liquid matter.
Please, stick to the point.
We know from school cast iron
is liquid, steel is heavy.
My machine has two
significant features:
it's not a tool - it's
an automatic machine,
which means a five-fold
increase of output.
lt means a four-fold economy
of space,
so we can build a four times
bigger tube-casting plant.
We've nothing
against that machine.
But we need theoretical
basis, whereas
you came with no figures
or theory, something
which could be instrumental
for calculations.
You're a teacher of
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