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Не хлебом единым...

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had to carry out.
So, thanks for your help
and your welcome.
And l wish you success
at your new ministerial post.
lt's hard bread that befell
you, Leonid lvanovich.
Here's to you.
May you be happy.
Be sure and come for a-hunting,
Rostislav Petrovich.
Nice parts, ours.
l'll come with great pleasure.
- Will they give you a flat?
- l think so.
Flats at Peschnaya street
have low ceilings.
But they build nice ones along
Kaluzhskoye highway.
Let's make some room
for the ravioli!
- At last!
- Ravioli!
- Urals' recipe.
- Sit down, don't fuss.
l'll first put them on the table.
There's some military fellow
that came to you.
Not 'fellow', you hill billy,
it's a 'man'.
l came on weekened, but l chose
the wrong moment as l can see.
No, come on in.
We don't let guests leave
without being welcomed.
- But l...
- Don't be shy.
lt's all our people here.
- How do you do.
- More people coming.
- How do you do, Dmitry.
- Good evening, Nadezhda.
Take my place here.
Nadya, treat the guest.
- Some vodka?
- All right.
l am from the expert commission,
lnstitute of Casting.
Not long ago l received
a project of a new
tube-casting machine,
it's very much like
what you are doing.
Here is to your health.
By the way, that man is from
Muzga, too.
What can that mean?
Please meet the author
of the project.
- Dmitry Lopatkin.
- Pleased to meet you.
What is your opinion
of another machine,
the one built by Avdeev?
lt's an old say in casting.
No, it's a real contemporary thing.
This machine is a result
of collective effort,
unlike yours, that of a loner.
l'm a loner, but not
a selfish one.
Thanks, but l must go.
- Did you take offence?
- Good bye.
- Eat something.
- Dmitry Alexeevich!
lt's disrespect
towards the hostess!
- Dmitry Alexeevich!
- l'm sorry.
- But...
- l'm sorry.
He was shell-shocked
at the front.
Hence this die-hard attitude.
Here's to your health.
Everyone's wrong, but
he's a saint.
Why this anguish? He could
draw his machine,
teach physics, get his
ration cards,
but he must needs to be a martyr,
to prove he is smarter
than academician Avdeev.
The oak forest is rustling...
How do you do,
Nadezhda Sergeevna.
Hi, Sima.
You came to see us?
Come on in.
Hi. Come on in.
Mom, Masha is kicking me again.
Hush. Take another place.
Come and have some of our
baked potatoes.
No, l came on business.
- What business?
- l'm Sima's teacher.
l came to ask you
to relieve Sima from
some home chores.
But l can see now
it's impossible.
Yes, that's how it is.
l myself have to take
some overtime job.
Her mother is good
for nothing.
Because she is ill.
But we have another mistress here.
Do you care for some
fresh milk?
The housework is on her shoulders.
Step to that part of the room,
it's lighter there.
Meet our permanent tenant.
- Dmitry Alexeevich.
- Hi.
But of course,
you've met before.
Please, take my seat.
Have some of our
baked potatoes.
Agasha, hand me over a plate.
My dear pedagogue, you see
our whole family before you,
our big co-operative
engaged in work:
not drinking or idling.
So, it's your work here,
isn't it?
What is the essence of it?
May l have a smoke?
Just one cigarette?
Sure. Everyone is
smoking nowadays.
Not what we are smoking, though.
l don't want you to share
the general opinion
about my person being
a local madman.
ln my time l graduated from
the university.
Here is some milk for you.
- Thanks.
- Then the war... l was wounded.
l came to Muzga
to teach physics.
Once l took my class
for an excursion to a foundry.
l saw how they cast tubes there.
lt was like in tsar times,
with their 'pit' method.
Cast iron poured from a shank
ladle into an earthen form.
lt seemed to me so barbarous
that l designed a machine
for uniterrupted spun casting.
So, in a patent agency,
they found my invention
quite useful and original.
l lived with
a thought of being useful.
Не хлебом единым... Не хлебом единым...

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