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Come on.
Your hat... We're going for
a walk, all right?
Don't be afraid, beat.
We'll take a ride...
Do you fancy riding?
Can l have a couple of them?
Of course, but will
it be useful in your economy?
Who knows.
What is their technological heat?
Within 3000 degrees.
lt's close to the body temperature,
re-entry mode.
l was glad to meet you.
See you soon.
Attention! A duty officer
captain Sidorkin.
At ease. The first
sergeant will show me the way.
- Can l show you the way, general?
- All right.
Stand up! Attention!
Being lax, guys?
Sipping tea at an improper hour?
Hey, pour me some, too,
and make it strong.
You're half-working here,
as l can see.
The point is, Rostislav
we differ with our management
on viewing time's
objective substance.
Give me your point, David llyich.
You're an engineer
and you know
one can strike a creative
guess at any time of the day,
even at night.
But at nine or clock p.m.
the captain
says retreat and seals up
all documents and the place itself.
lt's a shame, because we can
work around the clock.
What else can we do here?
But we have one imprisonment
instead of another here.
Thinking people, though,
feel free everywhere.
Captain, the guyes
are being enthusiastic
to fulfill the super-important
and you're being
a hindrance?
Why doesn't the chief
designer speak up?
lt's because l nearly
can use strong language.
We can't deal personally
with groups 6 and 12,
who are designing the most
significant units.
We just exchange drawings,
and they're working next door.
But for these wrecker rules
we could work
a hundred
times more effectively,
in tandem with such specialists.
Wrecker rules?
All right, we'll go
to the prison commander
and you will voice
your special opinion
in front of him.
All the rest - draw your plans,
you'll do that around the clock,
in line with your demands.
Tomorrow there'll come
Avvakumov's circulation
about special schedule
for group 1 .
l'll escort him myself.
You, Freiman...
Bad news:
Avdeev's machine is operating,
making agreeable tubes.
They even got Stalin's award.
l'm happy for them.
We shall have our portion
of triumph.
We only must finish the project
by day ten.
How do you do, Rostislav Petrovich.
With your permission,
l have to receive the shipment.
Go ahead, and we'll
have a smoke.
The list of prisoners
to be transferred.
- Permission to go?
- Dismissed.
Be my guest, Dmitry Alexeevich.
Have a smoke, near the window.
The landscape's is better there
than in your vault...
''Man Shall Not Live
By Bread Alone...''
Based on V. Dudintsev's novel

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