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of the university.
Nadezhda Sergeevna, you should
despise and hate me,
deprive me of your handshake.
Because l'm afraid.
l'm afraid of prison.
l'll die there, everything what l
wanted to give to people
will die there.
Come on. You are anything
but a coward.
You just have had your portion
of suffering.
Hi, proletarians!
Put it here.
Friends, don't leave.
l'll need your signatures.
Stepan, go ahead.
Come on.
Let me do this for you,
it's a responsible business.
- That bastard.
- Better have a smoke.
Why burning down the books?
'Analytical Mechanics',
nine rubles.
Oh, Stepa...
Tolya, cool off.
That bastard!
- Hi.
- You must be the wife
of that guy - they burnt down
his books in the boiler-room.
- l mean Lopatkin.
- Yes, l'm his wife. Why?
l was raking the ash - and found
a notebook under the grate.
lt must be mighty precious -
since it didn't burn down.
Thank you.
Muzga - booth one.
- Yes?
- Zinaida,
this is Nadya Drozdova
from Moscow.
Do you know what time
it is now in Muzga?
You behave like a Muscovite.
Are you calling about the money?
To hell with the money.
l want you to do me a favor.
Do you remember Rostislav - he
was on a visit in Muzga.
l need to find him urgently,
but l don't know his address.
Could you help me?
lt's a long story. l need
him on personal business.
Book an appointment
with him then,
he is the Supreme Soviet deputy.
Oh, a deputy?
But l don't even know his last name.
l can't discuss this
on the telephone.
Because l told you
too much as it is.
- Well, l paid my debt, didn't l?
- Yes, thank you, Zinaida...
- Rostislav Petrovich!
- Lady!
Stop, lady! Back off!
Nadezhda Sergeevna,
l presume?
- What are you doing here?
- Waiting for you.
- For how long?
- For three days.
Let's get into the car.
l could have left
through the different gate.
Means it's providence.
Get in.
This is the whole encyclopedia
of his work:
solids of revolution
and their design...
So he didn't forget
about my request.
And the acid-resistant layer,
too. Good for him.
Where did you get it?
Miraculously it wasn't
burnt down.
The stoker brought it
and said it must be precious,
if it didn't burn down.
He is right.
ldeas never burn down.
And you confide this to me?
What if l steal this?
Not you.
ln any case, the cause won't
be lost, when in your hands.
Thank you for trusting me.
What do you want
in return for this trust?
l only want Dmitry's
cause not to be lost.
The way our 'Torpedo'
football team
'torpedoed' your 'Dynamo'
during the finals, eh!
You can't say 'torpedoed'
about a football team...
Maybe some can't,
but 'Torpedo' could!
No, you can't.
Be quick. l dressed
him for a walk already.
lt's ready.
That's why this structure remains
horizontal, even on the stairs.
Not to worry.
- ls he that very guy?
- Yes.
God help me.
He's a prize of a lad.
But there's one thing
l fear.
He's an inventor too.
lnventors are like saints.
They shine like comets
never to notice
it's them who are burning down.
Step in.
Major, convict 12-21
brought on your order.
What a strange number
that you have.
lt's equal sum and
black jack either way.
you're a lucky one, eh?
Strangely, here's an order to take you
to Moscow.
Maybe, for reconsideration
of your case?
No, Mr. Lucky Number,
l think you'd rather
get an extension.
- Your rap is 10 years?
- Yes.
l guess the regime
underestimated your services.
Now your case will
fetch 25 years.
- Hi.
- Hi.
The professor thought
l was a spy.
He didn't even want to let
me in. You didn't expect me?
No, l was always waiting for you.
A hero of a boy. Took
after his father.
Why didn't you tell me?
Will 15 minutes be enough
for you to get ready?
Yes, but...
lt's very simple. Just wrap up
your son in warm things.
- Am l taking Dima too?
- Of course you are.
l'll be ready in five minutes.
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