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in Muzga, didn't we.
You didn't touch food,
at that party.
- Yes, l remember.
- You mean you left the Drozdovs?
Yes, as l had promised.
My word is sure as flint.
But what happened next -
you'll laugh yourself sick.
l wish we could.
Take a seat, if it's
all right with you.
l was thinking and made
up my mind:
to go to ZlS, the Stalin plant.
- The one making cars.
- Yes, l know.
They offer a lot of vacations,
the dorm, registration and all.
But all of them professions
are a tongue-twister,
except metal-worker.
So l came to the staff department.
There was a man sitting there
and he said: 'Do you fancy
to become a turret-lathe operator?'
'What is that?' l said, 'a barber?'
Then other men entered and
they would start laughing.
'What's wrong?' l said.
'l want to become a real worker'.
lt's their practical
joke, you know.
For shame. You lived with
an engineer's family
and you don't even know
what a turret-lathe is.
Of all machines l know
only the meat-grinder.
Well, comrades,
you want it or not...
Bought on the first wages.
A workers' tradition.
For the closest friends.
Comrades, a knife means
a guest coming.
A man.
The doorbell. No,
it's to someone else.
Here is to things good, Nadezhda.
May it get right between
you and Dmitry.
Shura, my congratulations.
So, what profession did
you choose in the end?
- Dmitry Lopatkin?
- Yes.
A summons from the judge
advocate's office.
Sign the receipt of it.
- When shall l come?
- On short notice. The car's waiting.
- Wait!
- lt must be some mistake.
- l'll be back soon.
- Let me see him downstairs.
Evgheny Ustinovich!
Everything is all right.
Let us sum this up.
Did your project contain
state secrets?
Yes, it did.
Who answered
for its non-disclosure?
l guess l was.
- Be exact, please.
- l was.
Did comrade Drozdova
have top-security clearance?
She was not on
the permanent staff
and nothing was mentioned
about the clearance.
ls she an expert in tube-molding?
- She is a teacher.
- l beg your pardon?
- She is a teacher.
- Teaching what?
- English.
- l see.
Did the two of you have
intimate relations,
- l mean sex?
- No.
- Be more exact.
- There was no sex.
Don't play the fool, Lopatkin.
l guess you pawed her every day.
Designing and then laying her.
Stop fussing over him.
He'll spin no end of yarn.
Start the file on him.
Divulgence of state secrets.
l've no more questions to you.
For the time being.
- Do you mean l'm arrested?
- Here is the ruling.
Nadezhda Sergeevna.
A couple of circuits
around the house...
...throws you into sweat indeed.
What about having a drink?
l brought some.
- No, l can't.
- Why?
you nearly fainted...
Do you mean you're...
Yes, the fourth month...
- What will happen now?
- He'll have a son.
Does he know?
- Why should he?
- What time is it now?
You must go now.
You're being late.
What about you?
l'll go too. They won't release
him today. l can feel that.
Then l'll see you to the metro.
The old professor must be
worried to death.
And you, with your little one,
must get into warm bed.
So, they didn't release him.
l knew just as well.
You waited for him
at the wrong place.
What is the right one then?
l guess somewhere from where
they don't release anyone.
The group was dismissed,
all documents were sealed up.
The security man put
them in the safe.
l told Dmitry: 'Don't give them
all documents,
'you shall not keep all
eggs in one basket'.
But he had his own way!
And now they shut
the safe like a mouse-trap.
There another safe left, though:
Dmitry's head.
We should find the way
to save him.
But how? Do you know how?
l would go anywhere
to do this. But where?
Evgheny Ustinovich, help me,
you came through all this,
you must know what
should be done.
Dmitry was your
best friend.
Yes, but an unruly one,
exactly like myself
in my young days!
look at me, a nasty,
a cowardly old man,
a crazy ex-
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