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Назад в будущее 2

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her debts with the bank herself.
I'll have your idiot son Dave's probation revoked.
And as for Marty...
...maybe you'd like to have
all of your kids behind bars...
...just like your brother Joey.
One big happy jailbird family.
All right, Biff. You win. I'll stay.
As for you, I'll be back up here
in an hour, so you better not be.
He was right, and I was wrong.
Mom, what're you saying?
You're actually defending him.
I had it coming.
He's my husband,
and he takes care of all of us...
LORRAINE: And he deserves our respect.
MARTY: Respect?
Your husband!
How could he be your husband?
- How could you leave Dad for him?
- Leave Dad?
- Marty, are you feeling all right?
- No, I'm not feeling all right!
I don't understand what's going on here.
Why nobody can give me a simple,
straight answer.
They must have hit you over the head
hard this time.
Mom, I just want to know one thing.
Where's my father?
Where's George McFly?
George, your father, is in the same place
he's been for the past 12 years.
Oak Park Cemetery.
[Thunder clapping]
[Unsettling instrumental music]
[Sad instrumental music]
No! This can't be happening!
MARTY: "March 15, 1973."
No! Please, God, no!
No, please, God. Please, God, no.
This can't be happening.
This can't be happening.
This can't be...
DOC: I'm afraid it is happening. All of it.
DOC: When I learned about your father,
I figured you'd come here.
MARTY: Then you know
what happened to him?
Do you know what happened...
...March 15, 1973?
DOC: Yes, Marty. I know.
DOC: I went to the public library
to make sense of the madness.
The place was boarded up.
I broke in and borrowed newspapers.
I don't get it, Doc.
How can all this be happening?
It's like we're in Hell or something.
No, it's Hill Valley, although
I can't imagine Hell being much worse.
DOC: Einie. I'm sorry, boy.
The lab is an awful, awful mess.
the time continuum has been disrupted...
...creating this new
temporal event sequence...
...resulting in this alternate reality.
- English, Doc.
DOC: Here, here, here. Let me illustrate.
Imagine that this line represents time.
DOC: Here's the present, 1985,
the future, and the past.
Prior to this point in time,
somewhere in the past...
...the time line skewed into this tangent...
...creating an alternate 1985.
DOC: Alternate to you, me, and Einstein...
...but reality for everyone else.
Recognize this?
DOC: It's the bag the sports book came in.
I know, because the receipt
was still inside.
I found them in the time machine,
along with this.
[Thunder clapping]
It's the top of Biff's cane.
I mean old Biff, from the future.
Correct. It was in the time machine
because Biff was in the time machine...
...with the Sports Almanac.
Holy shit.
You see, while we were in the future...
...Biff got the sports book, stole
the time machine, went back in time...
...and gave the book to himself
at some point in the past.
Look. It says right here...
... that Biff made his first $1,000,000
betting on a horserace in 1958.
He wasn't just lucky.
He knew, because he had
the race results in the Sports Almanac.
That's how he made his entire fortune.
Look at his pocket with a magnifying glass.
MARTY: The Almanac.
Son of a bitch stole my idea.
MARTY: He must have been listening when I...
It's my fault.
The whole thing is my fault.
If I hadn't bought that damn book...
...none of this would have happened.
- It's all in the past.
- The future.
Whatever. It demonstrates precisely
how time travel can be misused...
...and why the time machine
must be destroyed...
...after we straighten all of this out.
Right. So we go back to the future...
...and we stop Biff
from stealing the time machine.
We can't, because if we travel
into the future from this point in time...
...it will be the future of this reality..
Назад в будущее 2 Назад в будущее 2

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