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plenty of rain.
Wind, thunder, lightning.
- It's going to be one hell of a storm.
- Thanks. Nice talking to you.
Maybe we'll bump into each other again
in the future.
DOC: Or in the past.
[Tires screeching]
[Jazz music playing in school]
MARTY: Doc, Doc! Come in!
BIFF: Where's that punk Calvin Klein, anyway?
LACKEY: I don't know. I ain't his secretary.
BIFF: Well, find him.
He caused me $300 damage.
I owe him a knuckle sandwich. Get going!
LACKEY: Aren't you coming?
BIFF: I'm reading.
[Crunch of footfall]
STRICKLAND: Well, well, Mr. Tannen.
How nice to see you here.
- Why, Mr. Strickland, nice to see you, sir.
- Is that liquor I smell, Tannen?
I wouldn't know.
I don't know what it smells like
because I'm too young to drink it.
I see.
What have we here?
STRICKLAND: Sports stats,
interesting subject. Homework, Tannen?
No, it ain't homework,
because, I ain't at home.
You got a real attitude problem, you know?
One day I'll have you where I want you,
in detention.
MARTY: Jesus, you smoke, too?
you sound just like my mother.
MARTY: Yeah, right.
LORRAINE: When I have kids,
I'll let them do anything they want.
Anything at all.
- I'd like to have that in writing.
- Yeah, me, too.
LORRAINE: Marty, why are you so nervous?
[Loud bang]
[Horn playing La Cucaracha outside]
"Oh LL"?
[Anxious gasping]
MARTY: Doc! Doc!
GEORGE: Hey, you.
MARTY: Doc, come in!
DOC: Marty, what's up?
Doc! I'm in trouble. I blew it.
DOC: Where's the book?
MARTY: Biff must have it.
MARTY: I've only got the cover.
DOC: Where's Biff?
BIFF: You're asking for it.
MARTY: I don't know.
DOC: Any idea?
MARTY: No! He could be anywhere by now.
The entire future depends on you
getting that book!
MARTY: I know. I just don't...
LORRAINE: Stop it!
Stop it, Biff. You'll break his arm. Stop it!
MARTY: Of course!
MARTY: I gotta go. I got one chance!
My old man is about to deck Biff!
Talk about dj vu.
GEORGE: Are you okay?
[Romantic instrumental music]
MARTY: Okay, everybody, let's back up.
Everybody just back up.
Give him a little bit of room.
It's okay. I know CPR.
I know CPR.
- What's CPR?
- You!
- He's fine.
- Did you just take his wallet?
He took that guy's wallet.
MARTY: Doc, success. I got it.
Thank goodness.
Great, Marty.
As soon as I reload the fusion generator
we'll meet on the roof of the school gym.
MARTY: On the roof. 10-4.
LACKEY: It's him!
THUG: He's in disguise.
Guys, what's that?
LACKEY: Come on! Let's get him!
DOC: Damn!
[Band playing Earth Angel]
SINGER: All right! Let's do another.
LACKEY: Where did he go?
He just came in here!
- Look! How did he get on stage?
- When he's through, we'll nail him.
How did he change his clothes so fast?
OTHER MARTY: It's an oldie
where I come from.
All right, guys, blues riff in B.
Watch me for the changes,
and try and keep up, okay?
[Starts playing Johnny B. Goode]
MARTY: Doc, come in!
Come in.
Listen, Biff's guys chased me into the gym.
They're going to jump "me."
Get out of there!
MARTY: No, not me. The other me.
The one on stage playing Johnny B. Goode.
He could miss his opportunity to return!
We'll have a major paradox!
Wait. A paradox?
One of those things
that could destroy the universe?
DOC: You have to stop those guys
without being seen by your other self.
MARTY: 10-4.
What the hell?
- Where is he?
- Who?
- Calvin Klein.
- Who?
- With the hat, where is he?
- He went that way.
WITNESS: I think he took your wallet.
I think he took his wallet.
[Johnny B. Goode continues playing]
[Muted thud]
I guess you guys aren't ready for that yet...
... but your kids are going to love it.
Doc, success. Everything's
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