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Назад в будущее 2

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to keep in contact.
I'll stay and repair the short in the time circuit.
That way, we don't risk anyone else
stealing the time machine...
...and I won't risk
accidentally running into my other self.
MARTY: Other self?
DOC: Yes. There are now two of me here...
...and there are two of you here.
DOC: The other me is
the Dr. Emmett Brown from 1955.
The other me that helps
the other you get back to 1985.
Remember the lightning bolt at the clock tower?
That doesn't happen until tonight.
Be careful not to run into your other self.
Let me give you some money.
[Marty whistles in awe]
DOC: Have to be prepared
for all monetary possibilities.
DOC: Get yourself some '50s clothes.
MARTY: Check, Doc.
Something inconspicuous.
Doc. Come in. This is Marty. Over.
- DOC: Roger, this is Doc. Are you there?
- MARTY: Yeah, Doc. I'm at the address.
It's the only Tannen in the book,
but I don't think this is Biff's house.
It looks like an old lady lives here.
BIFF: Yeah.
GRANDMA: Where are you going, Biff?
BIFF: I'm going to get my car, Grandma.
GRANDMA: When are you coming back?
I want you to rub my toes.
BIFF: Shut up, you old bag.
KIDS: Give us our ball back.
BIFF: What ball?
KIDS: That ball!
BIFF: What are you talking about?
KIDS: Give us our ball!
BIFF: Ball?
BIFF: Is this your ball?
KIDS: Yeah!
BIFF: You want it back?
KIDS: Yeah.
BIFF: Go get it.
Doc, it is Biff's house. I'm on him. Over.
[The Four Aces' Mr. Sandman
plays on soundtrack]
MECHANIC: She's all fixed up,
but I couldn't get her started.
MECHANIC: Got a kill switch?
BIFF: You just need the right touch.
BIFF: Nobody can start this car but me.
MECHANIC: The bill comes to $302.57.
BIFF: $300?
$300 for a couple of dents? That's bullshit.
It was horseshit.
The whole car was horseshit.
MECHANIC: Jones wanted $80 to haul it away.
BIFF: I bet he resold it.
BIFF: I got to get something.
MECHANIC: You want something?
You can call Jones and
if he wants to give you a refund...
$300! If I catch the guy
that caused this I'll break his neck.
The manure. I remember that.
MECHANIC: 4 cans of Valvoline.
BIFF: 4 cans for a $300 job?
MECHANIC: I can't have lunch in there.
MECHANIC: Makes me nauseous.
BIFF: I should get a case for $300.
MECHANIC: It smells worse than the bathroom.
The stench is never going to go away, Biff.
Last time I do you a favor. Last time.
[Girlish laughter]
[Oohs and ahs]
BABS: It's perfect, Lorraine.
You're going to look so good!
BABS: You're going to look...
BIFF: Look at what we have here.
Nice dress, Lorraine.
Although I think you'd look better
wearing nothing.
LORRAINE: Take a long walk off a short pier.
BIFF: There's that dance at school tonight.
Now that my car's fixed...
...l'll give you the honor of going
with the best-looking guy in school.
I'm busy.
- Doing what?
- Washing my hair.
That's as funny
as a screen door on a battleship.
Screen door on a submarine, you dork.
Biff, somebody already asked me
to the dance.
Who? That bug George McFly?
- I'm going with Calvin Klein, okay?
- Calvin Klein? No, it's not okay.
- You're going with me, understand?
- Get your cooties off me!
When will you get it through your skull?
You're my girl.
I wouldn't be your girl
even if you had a million dollars!
BIFF: Yes, you will! It's you and me, Lorraine.
DRIVER: Watch it!
It's meant to be.
I'm going to marry you someday, Lorraine.
Someday you'll be my wife!
You always did have a way with women.
Get the hell out of my car, old man.
You want to marry that girl?
I can help make it happen.
- Who are you, Miss Lonely-hearts?
- Just get in the car, butthead.
Who are you calling butthead, butthead?
How did you do that?
Nobody can start this car but me.
Get in the car, Tannen.
Today's your lucky day.
[Tires screeching]
[Frantic screaming]
BIFF: Watch where you're driving, old man.
Назад в будущее 2 Назад в будущее 2

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