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trapped. Doc.
Doc, come in.
- What's the report?
- Biff's gone.
He's got the book.
I'm locked in Biff's garage.
Get me the hell out of here.
I'm at 1809 Mason Street.
I can't take the DeLorean.
Don't worry. Somehow I'll get there.
Doc, wait a minute. Doc. Doc.
Biff! Where are you going now?
I told you, Grandma,
I'm going to the dance.
When you coming home?
The dance.
I'll get home when I get home.
Don't forget to turn out
the garage light.
Marty. Marty!
Marty, Marty. Damn!
Where is that kid?
Doc. Doc, come in.
Come in, Doc.
Marty! Come in.
Great Scott.
My God.
Doc, Doc, come in.
Marty, what happened?
You weren't at Biff's house.
I'm in Biff's car, heading for
the Enchantment Under The Sea dance.
We may have to abort this entire plan.
It's getting much too dangerous.
The book's on his dashboard.
I'll grab it when we arrive.
You must be careful
not to run into your other self.
- My other self?
- Yes.
Remember your mother is
at that exact same dance with you.
Right. This could get heavy, Doc.
Heavy, heavy.
Whatever happens,
don't let your other self see you!
The consequences could be disastrous.
Excuse me, sir.
Yes, you with the hat.
- Who, me?
- Yes.
Be a pal and hand me a five-eighths inch wrench
from the toolbox.
Don't you mean three-quarters?
Why, you're right.
I presume you're conducting
some sort of weather experiment.
That's right. How did you know that?
I happen to have had a little experience
in this area.
I'm hoping to see some lightning tonight...
...although the weatherman says
there's no chance of rain.
There's going to be plenty of rain.
Wind, thunder, lightning.
- It's going to be one hell of a storm.
- Thanks. Nice talking to you.
Maybe we'll bump into each other again
in the future.
Or in the past.
Doc, Doc! Come in!
Where's that punk Calvin Klein, anyway?
I don't know. I ain't his secretary.
Well, find him.
He caused me $300 damage.
I owe him a knuckle sandwich. Get going!
Aren't you coming?
I'm reading.
Well, well, Mr. Tannen.
How nice to see you here.
- Why, Mr. Strickland, nice to see you, sir.
- Is that liquor I smell, Tannen?
I wouldn't know.
I don't know what it smells like
because I'm too young to drink it.
I see.
What have we here?
Sports stats,
interesting subject. Homework, Tannen?
No, it ain't homework,
because, I ain't at home.
You got a real attitude problem, you know?
One day I'll have you where I want you,
in detention.
Jesus, you smoke, too?
you sound just like my mother.
Yeah, right.
When I have kids,
I'll let them do anything they want.
Anything at all.
- I'd like to have that in writing.
- Yeah, me, too.
Marty, why are you so nervous?
"Oh LL"?
"Oh LL"?
"Oh LL"?
Doc! Doc!
Hey, you.
Doc, come in!
Marty, what's up?
Doc! I'm in trouble. I blew it.
Where's the book?
Biff must have it.
I've only got the cover.
Where's Biff?
You're asking for it.
I don't know.
Any idea?
No! He could be anywhere by now.
The entire future depends on you
getting that book!
I know. I just don't...
Stop it!
Stop it, Biff. You'll break his arm. Stop it!
Of course!
I gotta go. I got one chance!
My old man is about to deck Biff!
Talk about dj vu.
Are you okay?
Okay, everybody, let's back up.
Everybody just back up.
Give him a little bit of room.
It's okay. I know CPR.
I know CPR.
- What's CPR?
- You!
- He's fine.
- Did you just take his wallet?
He took that guy's wallet.
Doc, success. I got it.
Thank goodness.
Great, Marty.
As soon as I reload the fusion generator
we'll meet on the roof of the school gym.
On the roof. 10-4.
It's him!
He's in disguise.
Guys, what's that?
Come on! Let's get him!
All right! Let's do another.
Where did he go?
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