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Назад в будущее 2

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hover-convert your old road car
into a skyway flier...
...for only $39,999.95.
So come on down and see me...
...Goldie Wilson III,
at any one of our 29 convenient locations.
Remember, Keep 'Em Flying.
It's got a hot salsa,
...cilantro mixed with your choice
of beans, chicken...
...beef or pork.
Waiter. Waiter.
Welcome to the Cafe '80s...
...where it's always morning in America,
even in the afternoon.
Our special today is mesquite-grilled sushi.
Have the hostage special!
Cajun style.
The hostage special!
You must have
the hostage special!
All I want is a Pepsi.
Yeah. I seen you around.
You're Marty McFly's kid, aren't you?
- Biff?
- You're Marty Jr.
Tough break, kid.
Must be rough being named after
a complete butthead.
What's that mean?
Hello. Hello. Anybody home?
Think, McFly, think!
Your old man? Mr. Loser?
- What?
- That's right.
Loser with a capital "L."
Look, I happen to know George McFly is...
I'm not talking about George McFly.
I'm talking about his kid.
Your old man, Marty McFly Sr.?
The man who took his life
and flushed it completely down the toilet.
I did?
I mean, he did?
Hey, Gramps...
...I told you two coats of wax on my car,
not just one!
I just put the second coat on last week.
- With your eyes closed?
- Are you two related?
Hello? Hello? Anybody home?
You think Griff called me
Grandpa for his health?
He's Griff?
What the hell am I paying you for?
Kid, say hello to your grandma for me.
Get out of there, Gramps.
Take it easy!
And McFly, don't go anywhere!
You're next!
This is a video game.
I got it working.
My dad taught me about these.
It is Wild Gunman.
How do you play this thing?
I'll show you, kid.
I'm a crack shot at this.
You mean you have to use your hands?
That's like a baby's toy.
Baby's toy?
Pepsi Perfect.
- Damn!
- Pepsi.
I thought I told you to stay in here!
Guys, how's it going?
Your shoe's unbelted.
So, McFly, have you made a decision
about tonight's opportunity?
Yeah, Griff. I was thinking about how
I'm not sure because it might be dangerous.
What's wrong, McFly?
You got no scrote?
He's a complete wimp.
What's it going to be, McFly?
Are you in or out?
I just, I'm not sure that I should.
I should discuss it with my father.
Your father?
Wrong answer, McFly! You lose!
Okay, Griff, I'll do it.
Whatever you say.
Stay down and shut up.
Keep pedaling, you two!
...let's hear the right answer.
Since when did you become
the physical type?
The answer's no, Griff.
- No?
- What are you, deaf and stupid? I said no!
What's wrong, McFly? Chicken?
What did you call me, Griff?
Chicken, McFly!
Nobody calls me...
- All right, punk!
- Look!
Stop! Little girl, little girl.
Stop. Look, I need to borrow your "hoverboard. "
Where is he?
He's on a hoverboard.
Get the boards!
Get McFly!
Get him!
Yeah, we got him!
There's something very familiar about all this.
McFly, you bojo!
- Those boards don't work on water!
- Unless you've got power!
Hook on!
Batter up!
Holy shit!
Drying mode on.
Jacket drying.
Your jacket is now dry.
Hey, kid. Hey, little girl, thanks.
Keep it. I got a Pit Bull now.
Come on.
Save the clock tower!
Throw in $100
and help save the clock tower.
Sorry, no.
- That's an important historical landmark!
- Some other time.
Lightning struck that thing 60 years ago.
Wait a minute.
Cubs win World Series...
- Against Miami?
- Yeah, it's something, huh?
Who would've thought? 100-1 shot!
I wish I could go back
to the beginning of the season...
...bet on the Cubs.
- I just meant Miami...
What did you just say?
I wish I could go back to the beginning
of the season, bet on the Cubbies!
This has an interesting feature.
It has a
Назад в будущее 2 Назад в будущее 2

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