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Назад в будущее 2

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Painful groaning]
DOC: She encountered her older self
and went into shock.
She'll be fine.
Let's get her back to 1985.
DOC: Then I'll destroy the time machine.
MARTY: Destroy it?
What about that stuff
about humanity and where we're going?
DOC: The risks are too great,
as this incident proves.
And I was behaving responsibly.
Imagine if the time machine
fell into the wrong hands?
[Painful scream]
DOC: My only regret...
... is that I'll never get a chance
to visit my favorite historical era...
... the Old West.
But time traveling is just too dangerous.
Better that I devote myself to study...
...the other great mystery of the universe:
DOC: Marty, Einie, brace yourselves
for temporal displacement.
[Electrical explosion]
Did we make it?
Are we back?
[Airplane jet exhaust]
We're back.
[Tires screeching]
Let's put her in the swing.
You can return in your truck and wake her.
DOC: When she awakens here
in her own house...
...you can convince her it was a dream.
MARTY: We're just leaving her here?
Disorientation will help convince her
it was a dream.
How long will she be out?
DOC: I'm not quite sure.
She received quite a shock.
Could be a few minutes,
probably a couple of hours.
- You better bring smelling salts.
- You're the doc, Doc.
Come on. Let's go, Einie.
DOC: Don't worry. She'll be fine.
I don't remember bars
being on these windows.
DOC: If you need me,
I'll be in my lab dismantling this thing.
MARTY: Right.
What the hell?
[Hysterical screaming]
MARTY: Wait a minute.
What are you doing in my room?
- Rape! Mom!
- Okay. Okay.
GIRL: Dad, help!
DAD: Freeze, sucker!
- I don't want any trouble.
- You got trouble now, you piece of trash.
DAD: What are you doing here?
MARTY: I'm in the wrong house.
DAD: You got that right, you son of a...
- Look. I made a mistake.
- Damned right you made a mistake!
DAD: I'm going to tear your ass up!
That's right. You keep running, sucker!
Tell that realty company that I ain't selling!
We won't be terrorized!
[Apprehensive instrumental music]
[Distant gunshots and screaming]
[Dog howling]
[Foreboding instrumental music]
[Police sirens approaching]
This has got to be the wrong year.
[Helicopter patrolling overhead]
MARTY: 1985?
MARTY: It can't be.
So you're the son of a bitch
who's been stealing my papers.
Mr. Strickland.
MARTY: Mr. Strickland. It's me, sir. Marty.
Martin McFly.
Don't you know me from school?
I've never seen you before in my life,
but you look like a slacker.
Yeah, that's right. I am a slacker.
- You gave me detention last week.
- The school burned down six years ago.
You have three seconds to get off my porch
with your nuts intact.
MARTY: I just want to know what's going on.
[Tires screeching]
PUNKS: Strickland!
PUNKS: Yeah!
[Machine-gun fire]
[Bullets ricocheting]
[Panicked gasping]
[Shotgun blast]
Eat lead, slackers!
[Battle cry]
[Rock music plays]
Watch where you're going,
crazy drunk pedestrian.
[Fuse blowing]
RECORDING: Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the Biff Tannen Museum.
Dedicated to Hill Valley's
number one citizen...
... and America's greatest living folk hero...
... the one and only Biff Tannen.
Of course we've all heard the legend,
but who is the man?
Inside you'll learn how Biff
became one of the richest men in America.
Learn the amazing history
of the Tannen family...
... starting with his grandfather
Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen...
... fastest gun in the West.
See Biff's humble beginnings
and how a trip to the racetrack...
... on his 21st birthday
made him a millionaire overnight.
Share in the excitement
of a fabulous winning streak...
... that earned him the nickname
"The Luckiest Man on Earth."
Learn how Biff parlayed
that lucky
Назад в будущее 2 Назад в будущее 2

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