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Назад в будущее 2

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BIFF: Where's my receipt?
DRIVER: Right here.
PARROT: How about a tip?
[Parrot laughing]
[Ominous instrumental music]
That accident caused a chain reaction,
sending Marty's life down the tubes.
LORRAINE: Otherwise, your father's life
would have turned out differently.
The man wouldn't have pressed charges...
...Marty wouldn't have broken his hand,
given up on his music...
... and spent years feeling sorry for himself.
MARTY JR: Hey, Mom, nice pants.
LORRAINE: The reason
your mother married him...
MARTY JR: Turn off.
MARTY JR: I want channels 18, 24, 63,
109, 87, and the Weather Channel.
TV: Bringing you
the world's weather 24 hours a day.
TV: Weather conditions remain the same...
TV: Board-certified implant surgeons...
DOOR: Welcome home, Marty.
MARTY JR: Dad's home.
MARTY SR: That's right.
He's home. Dad's home.
DOOR: Lord of the manor.
MARTY SR: Hello.
DOOR: King of the castle.
MARTY SR: Hello.
What the hell is this?
THERMOSTAT: Lithium mode on.
Yeah. That's better.
Damned kids.
Hey, Son.
Watching a little TV for a change?
MARTY: Son of a...
[Foreboding instrumental music]
MARTY JR: I'm hungry.
MARTY SR: Just wait your turn.
MARTY JR: When it's ready,
shove it in my mouth.
MARTY SR: Don't you be a smart-ass.
MARTY JR: Hey! The Atrocity Channel.
Hydrate level 4, please.
[Juices gurgling]
MARTY JR: Is it ready?
LORRAINE: Here you go.
MARTY SR: Mom, you sure can
hydrate a pizza.
MARTY SR: I'm sorry.
I missed that whole thing.
LORRAINE: I'm just worried about Jennifer.
LORRAINE: Why isn't she home?
MARTY SR: I'm not sure where Jennifer is, Mom.
She should have been home hours ago.
- I can't keep track...
- Fruit!
- Fruit, please.
- She's in one of those moods.
LORRAINE: Aren't you and her
getting along?
Yeah. Great, Mom.
We're like a couple of teenagers.
[Phone ringing]
Dad, telephone. It's Needles.
Dad, it's for you.
All right. Well, I'll take that in the den.
MARTY SR: Hello. In here, please.
Hey, the big M.
How's it hanging, McFly?
Hey, Needles.
Did you look
at my little business proposal?
MARTY SR: I don't know.
NEEDLES: Why are you worried?
If this works,
your financial problems are solved.
And if it doesn't work, Needles,
I could get fired.
It's illegal.
I mean, what if the Jits is monitoring?
NEEDLES: The Jits will never find out.
Come on. Stick your card in the slot,
and I'll handle it.
NEEDLES: Unless you want everyone
in the division to think you're chicken.
Nobody calls me chicken, Needles.
MARTY SR: Nobody!
NEEDLES: All right.
Prove it.
All right.
MARTY SR: All right, Needles.
MARTY SR: Here's my card.
Scan it. I'm in.
NEEDLES: Thanks, McFly.
I'll see you at the plant tomorrow.
MARTY SR: Fujitsu-san.
... I was monitoring that
scan you just interfaced.
You are terminated!
Terminated. No! It wasn't my fault, sir.
- Needles was behind it.
- And you cooperated.
It was a sting operation.
I was setting him up.
Read my fax!
MARTY SR: No! Please! I cannot be fired.
I'm fired.
MARTY SR: This is heavy.
What am I going to tell Jennifer?
DOC: Jennifer. Jennifer.
Doc. Am I glad to see you.
Go out the front door. I'll meet you there.
But it doesn't open. There's no doorknob.
Press your thumb to the plate.
What plate?
[Out-of-tune strumming]
LORRAINE: What does this fax mean?
MARTY SR: Mom. It's a joke,
an office joke. It's a joke fax.
LORRAINE: I heard you yell.
MARTY SR: Calm down. I wasn't yelling.
Needles and I were just joking.
DOOR: Welcome home, Jennifer.
MARTY SR: Lost my job, Mom?
Get out of town.
- I'm young!
- I'm old!
DOC: Marty! Marty!
Marty, come quick! Quick!
[Cane snaps]
Назад в будущее 2 Назад в будущее 2

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