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Назад в будущее 2

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about all this.
Hey Mcfly the board
can't go in water.
Oh shit!
Drying up now,
-Drying up.
Your jacket is now dry.
Hey thanks little girl.
-Keep it.
I got a pit board now.
-Save the clock tower.
Give me a hundred bucks
and help to save the clock tower.
Er...sorry no.
-That's an important historical landmark
Some other time.
Wait a minute,
Clubs world war series.
Against Miami?
Something like that.
Who would have thought
100 for one shot.
I wish I can go back
to the beginning of the season
and put some money on the cup.
I mean Miami?
What did you just said?
I said I wish I can go back
to the beginning of the season
and put some money
on the cubbies.
Now this is an interesting features
It has a duff jacket.
It used to have these
to protect the covers.
Of course that was before
you have to pay for it.
And you are interesting
we have the 1980
It called the dustbuster.
Marty, Marty!
-I can't lose.
Up here!
-Hey doc what's going on?
Standby I'll park over there.
-All right.
I haven't seen one of those
in 30 years.
Hey I'm walking here!
I'm walking.
What the hell!
Two of them?
I have to go to the
animation kennel.
Otherwise I'll never know
where I'm going.
What in the name of this rise
happened here?
Hey Doc listen!
My kid shown up.
You kid!
I'm afraid of this because
I've used the channel which
weren't enough power left knacking
for four hours damm !
Doc! Doc! Doc!
Look at this,
it's changing.
Yes, yes of course.
Because this incident has now occured.
Griff now go to jail.
Before your son goes
with them tonight
The robbery will never
take place.
The history, the future history
has now been altered.
And this is the prove.
Marty we have succeeded
let get Jennifer and go home.
What this?
-A sovereign.
Fifty years I supposed it said.
Hardly recreation reading material
Hey Doc!
What the harm in bringing a
little info on the future.
Maybe we can place
a couple of bets.
Marty I didn't invented the
time machine for financial gain.
The intend was getting clearer
perception of your humanity.
Where we been!
Where we going!
The pit-fall,
the possibility,
The pedals and
the promises.
Perhaps even the answer of
the universal questions.
-Hey Doc what for then?
What's wrong making a few
bucks on the side?
I'm going to put this in the past.
Jennifer got!
Mcfly Jennifer Jane Parker.
3793 O'Curse street.
Hill Dales
Age 47
-47 That the hell of a good face lift
What the hell are they doing,
They're using the thumb print
to accessing her I.D.
Since her thumb print haven't
changed over the year
They simply assume she the
Jennifer from the future
How do we stop them?
What are we going to say?
Hey! We from the time travel.
We'll be committed.
She clean that mean
we can take her home
Home in Hill Dales.
It'll be dark by the time
we get there.
To your future home!
We have to get her
out back in 1985
You mean I never seen
where I lived.
I never seen myself as an old man.
No, no, no Marty,
that can insult her.
Jennifer can see the entire
her future self.
The consequences of that
can be disasters.
What do you mean?
I foreseen two possibability,
Coming face to face with
herself 30 years older
put her into shots and
simply pass out
Or two the encounter will
create time paradox.
The results which will cause
a team reaction
for the arriving of the
fabric space continual
and destroy the entire universal.
The worst case scenario,
the destruction
will in fact similar to our galaxy.
Well, that's a relief.
Lets go,
I hope to find Jennifer
before she find herself.
The skyway train will take
forever to get there.
And this stays here
I invented the time machine
not for gambling
I invented the time machine
that travel through time.
I know, I know.
So Dr. Emmett Brown invented
the time machine.
Hill Dale.
Nothing but a breathing ground
of tracks,
Назад в будущее 2 Назад в будущее 2

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